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    Racing Story Gimmick

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by DarkPen14, Jun 29, 2019.

    Played Xenoverse, then I played Need for Speed, and then I found myself asking what would happen if superpowered characters were streetracers, before anyone asks where this came from.

    So I've got a character, and she drives a Demon, which is a Dodge vehicle built for drag racing. The character is known as the Devil because her face has never been seen due to the fact that she has never been caught and arrested, and her window tint is darker than the inside of a cow.
    Similarly, there is another guy who drives an Exorcist, which was Chevy's response to the Demon. The guy who drives it is similarly known as Priest, because like Devil, his face has never been seen, and he is also the only one currently able to beat her.
    So, we got Priest, and the Devil. Is that a bit too far or is that a good gimmick?
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    It's worked before. :)
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