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    Realistic plot idea?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by ~* Fabric Letters *~, Dec 15, 2011.

    Hi I'm thinking of writing a fictional blog as Ive had the idea for a story for a while now with out a format to write it down.

    My character still needs some development but is a Mid 30's single lady with a teenage daughter, her mother died when she was young and her dad passed 6 months ago, she has an older sister.

    The idea is wins the lottery (6 months after her dad died of a heart attack) this is where the story/online diary starts. After the shock and telling her daughter and sister, she is reminded of a list her dad created with her mum just before her mum lost her life to cancer. After digging it out from her dads possesions she decides to compleate all the things on the list her parents created. She tells the story of it through a diary format.

    Do you think its a realistic plot? and what do you think of fictinal blogs on the whole, would you read one?

    I'm look forward to hearing your thoughts and for any advice, thanks in advance.
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    Whether or not it is realist is completely irrelevant, since part of art is used to escape reality ;) My advice is, an idea in progress such as the one you have is so barely developed that it does not matter whether or not it is realistic. I suggest you write whatever you want, and do your best at it, because if your work is well written is all that matters.

    As for a fictional blog, do you mean like you want to post the story on the internet, week by week? Personally, I don't read blogs. But don't take that seriously, that's just me. I actually barely read when I'm not reading for school.

    Good luck.
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    sounds like a variation on 'the bucket list'... do what jw says... it's good advice...

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