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    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by iheartapple, Sep 5, 2007.

    I'm currently writing a school assignment, and have a question regarding repetition. Is repetition favorable or something to be frowned upon? Is it true that repetition is only appealing in poems? I'm writing an essay and it seems that the only way to effectively get my ideas across is through the use of constantly using the same verbs/formation.

    I've come across such conflicting opinions that I am truly perplexed. Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Hmm. Repetition is a two-sided sword. It can strengthen your points, but only when intentionally placed and used with discretion. You could try building further every time you repeat. Something like this?

    We need to have an efficient education.

    (blah blah)

    We need to have an efficient education- without forgetting the development of our character.

    However, overdoing it could either make your piece seem inefficient and or/ redundant.

    God is almighty. He is omnipotent. He is unquestionable, and without equal. Praise him, and you shall be rewarded. You will be saved, and glorified in eternal heaven- for it be his will, the divine one, the one above all, the king of our seas and our land, your Lord your God. Open your heart to God and accept eternal heaven!

    Just my two cents.
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    Parallelism uses the same sentence structure and repetition of key words to emphasize a similarity or correlation. It is a recommended technique in persuasive essays and speeches, and is also effective in poems. lyrics, and prose to highlightg a metaphor. Used judiciously, it can be very powerful. Overused, it becomes obvious and annoying.

    It definitely holds a place in fine literature. Consider one of the most well known opening passages of all times:

    It is a writing choice, and like all writing choices, it should be consciously chosen, with an eye to both the desired result and the potential drawbacks.

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