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    Requests for deletion of threads.

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wreybies, Jun 30, 2014.

    When you start a new thread, please make sure you really want to start that thread. We occasionally get requests to delete threads that the OP had second thoughts about, and that makes me very uncomfortable because the request from the OP is invisible to the rest of the forum and it looks exactly like I've randomly decided that Thread X isn't up to specs and summarily delete it. That's not a good feeling. :(

    Also, once you've gotten what you want out of a thread, if that thread continues on in conversation and you don't want to be alerted to it anymore, don't ask for a deletion or a closure, just click the option to no longer "watch" the thread.

    Sorry if all this sounds like FORUM101 to many of you, but for some of our members this is their very first forum, so this is where they are getting their initial exposure to forum etiquette. :)

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