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    Review List

    Discussion in 'The Art of Critique' started by Justin Rocket 2, Jun 29, 2015.

    This is a list of things I look at when reviewing story writing. I can break these rules, but I want to break them deliberately. I'm hoping that you will add to this list.

    1.) Rewrite to remove all words ending in "ly". This is a quick check that will remove most adverbs. Try to replace the modified verb with a better one that implies the adverb's meaning.

    2.) Rewrite to remove all verbs ending in "ing".

    3.) Rewrite to remove "had" and "has"

    4.) Identify all descriptive text, ensure that all detail adheres to Chekhov's gun

    5.) Look for these words and try to replace them with "said".

    6.) Ensure that only one character is speaking in each paragraph
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    This feels like a pretty personalized list - like you're addressing things that you feel you're overusing, rather than things that everyone needs to look out for.

    So, for my edit list, I don't think I'd use anything from yours... Mine would be something like...

    Add more description, because it doesn't come to me naturally;

    Check that my characterization at the start of the book is consistent with the character I discovered as I wrote the book;

    Tweak the details through the first part, again to make sure everything matches up with where I was at the end;

    Check that I'm indicating passage of time clearly enough;

    Check for repeated words.

    I think that's about all I've got that's at all standard from one project to the next.
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    My list would include:

    Check for too much description, unnecessary detail.

    Check for wordiness in general (usually requires several passes before wording is properly tightened).

    Combine actions and dialogue (cuts down on dialogue tags while also serving as a good pacing tool).

    Eliminate tangents.

    Check for over-reliance on jargon or overuse of language idioms. In both cases, less is usually more.
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    • check for repeated words and repeated thoughts / ideas in general
    • add descriptions
    • add actions around my dialogues
    • make sure internal logic remains consistent
    • make sure I don't mention something seemingly important and then never pick it up again
    • make sure I didn't forget to include relevant set pieces etc
    • make sure nothing seems to come out of nowhere (unless it's meant to)

    I don't really have an 'official' checklist but I'm working on editing my novel right now, so this list was mostly compiled from the notes I've left myself on it, hahah. So much "describe X" and "remember Y".

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