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    Richard Belzer

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by NateSean, Apr 9, 2011.

    I'm not big on conspiracy theories. But I have read his two fictional books entitled, I'm not a Cop and the sequel I'm Not a Psychic.

    Both books break the forth wall as Richard casts himself as the main character; An actor working on Law and Order SVUand living in New York where he is constantly recognized as a guy who plays a cop on TV.

    Where the fictional aspect comes in, of course, is when "he" gets caught up in a murder mystery.

    I think they're both very well written. Richard does a great job of working real life into the flow of the story and blending it seemlessly with the fictional storyline, which is something I think a lot of aspiring writers could learn from.

    I will say that I enjoyed the first book more, mostly because the story wasn't so blatant here. In I'm Not Psychic, it's clear a few pages in that the "murder" was heavily influenced by the Marilyn Monroe case, which he even makes a mention of as this new murder "seems" similar. (IE, it's the exact same murder, only with fictional characters instead of the actress and the politicians involved and it took place fairly recently.)

    Of course I'm probably the only person my age who knows anything about that case, so if you don't read into things like I do, you might enjoy it. Still, I hope he continues to write more fictional works like this.

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