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    Saddest Quotes/Realizations

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Caalro, Jul 10, 2020.


    honestly I‘d love to hear some sad quotes from your books/novels. I searched on the internet and I found a lot of lovely quotes, so I thought it‘d be fun to share. Here are my favourites from my story (I translated them because I write in German. Sorry if they‘re a bit messy.):

    1. She didn‘t fall for him the moment they met. She fell after a thousand moments, a million of heartbeats and a billion of unspoken words.

    2. Leaving him didn‘t break her heart; it broke her spirit.

    3. "I don‘t know what you want from me.", he muttered. The woman‘s gaze was sharp and seemed to not only past his exterior but past anything even he believed to be true.
    "It‘s different with living beings.", she said. "You may love her beauty and strength but believe me, boy. Broken things are rarely fragile. Catastrophes are rarely ugly. And this girl is not a blessing but a curse."

    4. If she wanted to feel their warmth, she had to burn them to the ground.

    5. She wondered if it was the first he saw it. The emptiness in her eyes and the fire in her soul. Her lips twisted into a crooked smile. What an irony. In the end he was just a boy in love with roses but afraid of thorns.

    6. "You love her."
    That wasn‘t question. It was a statement. She felt her heart skip several beats. Silence.
    "You can‘t love her. She …"
    "I know."
    "So then why?"
    "I‘ve seen it, you know. She thinks in extremes. She‘ll be as high as the clouds just to fall and crash into the cold ground, destroying everything around her. But she always gets up. Like a tornado she destroys everything to make place for something new. I kinda admire this strength. I probably would have never loved anyone if she hadn’t torn my entire existence into pieces.“
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    I agree sad quotes can be lovely.

    Not from mine but from the Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams:

    'Of what use was it to be loved and lose one's beauty and become Real if it all ended like this? And a tear, a real tear, trickled down his little shabby velvet nose and fell to the ground.'
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    Mood. Just the other day I had a forum post where I tried to translate "Das Spiel um die Macht ist nicht zu gewinnen - Die Last der Geschichte ist nicht zu bezwingen".

    I've had some; not precisely sad more so moody or brooding.

    “It is unlike scar or injury; for I know it will never heal. A part of my soul that I offered to her willing; and in exchange I received her light into my life. Now it is missing, and filled emptiness; I fear such will only grow over time to devour me from the inside. The day I concede will be the day we re-unite in love."
    Spoken by the only high noble in my project who married out of love.

    "I lived a life of tragedy, pain and disappointment. And I did not regret a single moment of it."
    Said by an imprisoned noblewoman who climbed the ranks of blueblood society through schemes, plots and some rather dark deeds.

    "I pursue a romantic life. I shun the ordinary, I escape to adventure and maintain my fantasy as a sanctuary of troubled mind."
    Quote from the same character as above; though before her exploits and rise.

    "Optimists were blind to notice the inevitable; pessimists were keen on seeing it become reality."
    Spoken by the minute political leader on the realization of "no-turning-back" in societal downfall.

    “There I stood believing I was observing the end of the world. When I raised the federal flag, I realised I was witnessing the birth of a new one.”
    A soldier recounting the moment the heavily-bombarded capital city fell and the civil war finally ended.

    "Wellestria may fall, but Wellestrians live on."
    Spoken by an optimist in a speech. She alludes to the fact that they already know the nation / federation will fall apart; she continues with explaining her intentions of an eventual re-unification.

    "You may have a home, but you will never have a homeland." and "Our Fatherland has conceived many bastards."
    A nobleman mocking another with a foreign culture / ancestry in Wellestria - one that ironically is the native culture to the lands. Imagine Basque in Spain mocked by Spanish, or Welsh in Britain mocked by English.

    "I only wish our historians detailed as much gore, as much death and suffering as they write about the glory of war." Spoken by a progressive nobleman after he is complimented on his successful campaign during the civil war.

    "In our effort to turn the trees, the snow and the skies black, we forged so many weapons, so much horror that one of them will eventually find its way back to crumble our cities to the blackened dust they spews." Spoken by the nobleman whose lands are the most industrialized (same as above). After the civil war he tries to change his lands from arms production to railways smithing and to connect the world.

    "A collapse of society does naught more than to scrape away the civil layers from men and women. Apocalypse is a mere surfacing of the beast within."
    Spoken by the veteran of the civil war who has seen the anarchic collapse of the capital city during its first siege.

    “True heroes have unmarked graves.”
    Spoken by the last Grand Marshal of Wellestria. She eventually falls in battle and finds herself venerated as a hero, and buried in a mass-grave.
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    All right, here's one from my W.I.P. It's not classic literature, but oh, well:

    “I’d rather be miserable with you than happy with anyone else,” he’d told her once, and now he was learning how utterly miserable misery over her could be.
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    edge of the spacetime continuum
    From something I wrote 9 years ago, featuring a journey through a somewhat twisted version of Dante's Inferno:

    And now, surrounded on both sides by this immense suffering and apocalyptic violence, I'm filled with an intolerable despair—my very soul seems to cry out in anguish that it cannot for long bear. Unable to look upon anything else now, I lock eyes with King Diddy, who perhaps doesn't realize how fortunate he is not to be able to see into the trench nor far into the field of suffering souls—and I know my face must be wracked with anguish even as his.

    Oh why must we endure this? Just being here is torment beyond belief. It must end soon. I don't think I can withstand it much longer. I feel at any moment, utterly beyond my control, I will break down and begin to weep inconsolably or perhaps to scream and not be able to stop.​

    From a little later in the same story:

    But now all my attention is on DeMonica racing heedless toward that beautiful forest.

    She doesn't seem to have noticed what I have; that the trees are unnaturally shaped—twisted and distorted until it seems they possess almost human features—all of them. In fact as if they once were human. But on she runs, overcome with joy, to sweep into that forest. It's hard to blame her really, considering all we've been through here, and how heavily the torments of the damned seem to have weighed on her. I can imagine she'd be powerfully tempted to run headlong into this sweet wood and disappear there—perhaps even at cost of becoming one with it forever. And then it occurs to me—perhaps she has noticed the trees.

    And perhaps she's not wrong.

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