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    Scenes per act

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Justin Rocket 2, Aug 26, 2015.

    The following numbers may be helpful to you. Maybe some of you can extend what I've got here. It isn't meant as a formula. In fact, you'll find a lot of diversity. I found these numbers very liberating as I'm less concerned about trying to fit a round peg (my story) into a square hole.

    I started with the numbers from here and did a couple of calculations of my own. I assumed a 70,000 word novel with 17,500 words in the 1st act, 35,000 words in the 2nd act, and 17,500 words in the 3rd act.

    The Fault in Our Stars
    1st act / scene length 2597/ 7 scenes
    2nd Act/ scene length 750 / 47 scenes
    3rd Act/scene length 750 /23 scenes

    Sole Survivor
    1st Act / scene length 1235 / 14 scenes
    2nd Act / scene length 1330 / 26 scenes
    3rd Act / scene length 1140/ 15 scenes

    The Runaway Jury
    1st Act / Scene Length 1650/11 scenes
    2nd Act / scene length 750/ 47 scenes
    3rd Act / scene length 600/ 29 scenes
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    It is writing not bloody sheet music! Sit down a moment before you hurt yourself. Just let it flow naturally, stories decide when they are done not your math and order. You need to just write it and then trim the fat. Otherwise you will have all kinds of chaos, and for you that might wind you up a bit. So take a step back, breath, and make the magic happen.

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