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    Sci-Fi Writer looking for a few answers/advice!

    Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Pen II, May 15, 2008.

    Hello all! First off, I just wanted to say so far I have seen that this forum/website is a very good one, and I must give you guys a big 'Congrats for It, I really like it.

    Well, as the title says, I am a beginning Sci-Fi Writer. I really do not plan on any type of publishing, but I do love to write stories and have my friends read them, infact, they all get a kick out of seeing a book with my name on it.

    I have a few questions, because I do wish to incorporate them into my story. If you would like to, answer what you want, even one would be great. I just really need some help.

    Here they are:

    1) What are some reasons a planet-wide war might break out? This DOES NOT Mean Human vs. Human, Maybe its Aliens?

    2) What is one reason why Humanity might be forced to leave Earth, or possibly immigrate to a new planet?

    3) Think of a life-threatening thing that is working its way to destroy/take over all of Humanity. (A Great example would be the Flood, from Halo, absolutly amazing, I though!)

    4) When writing, how do you come up with Sci-Fi names? I have had some GREAT Replies to this one, and it is my most interesting question I think. (Please, try to answer this one, I have a HUGE Problem making up Sci-Fi Names!!!)

    5) Last but certainly not least, Name a 'object' that can be found in space, and had the ability to support life. Again, a good example is Halo, from... well, Halo, and I would really love to incorporate a Ring World in the book, but then I feel I would be stealing Bungie's Idea. Can anyone help me with this? I need a really shocking, extreme setting. If you do answer this one, please dont say 'A planet with...' I am not really interested In a planet for the main setting. I prefer some type of... 'Metal' Object, something that was machined, not formed in the beginning of the universe.

    I will admit right here and now that Halo was basicly what got me interested in writing again. I used to write before then, but I sort of stopped recently. Now, I have a 'burning passion' to write again, but I need a little bit of help.

    If you helped me, then I thank you VERY Much, because any little bit of help is appreciated.
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    1) I think you have restricted the question to the point you already have your own answer. Basically you have constrained it to invasion vs. freedom/survival.

    2) At some point, and no one can be sure when or why, this planet will become uninhabitable, or at least inimical, to life as we know it. It could be because the suns output shifts, or because a massive celestial fragment strikes the planet, or we simply screw up in a big way. If the human race is not seeded to other planets and star systems, we simply become extinct.

    3) I just listed a few possible reasons in 2). But wouldn't you really rather come up with your own?

    4) What's wrong with ordinary human names, like John or James, or Mary? Many of them have been around for millenia.

    5) Pick up a copy of Larry Niven's speculative nonfiction article, "Bigger Than Worlds." I think it appears in a couple of his anthologies, or you may be able to Google it (I haven't tried - left as an exercise for the querant). Larry Niven wrote the Ringworld novels. You might also research the ideas of Freeman Dyson.
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    1) Planet-wide war:
    • Competition for resources
    • Ideological differences
    • Political aspirations
    • boredom?

    2) Earth exodus
    • The above listed reasons
    • Natural catastrophe (meteor impact, etc)
    • Overpopulation
    • Exhaustion of resources
    • Finding a better planet
    • Trading earth for baseball cards?

    3)Life-threatening "thing"
    • Natural catastrophe
    • Extreme polution
    • Disease (perhaps an intelligent virus?)
    • Alien invasion

    4) I don't understand what you mean by sci-fi names. Names for what?


    Perhaps something like the Oribitals from Iain M. Banks' Culture series, or a Dyson Sphere.
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    Very Interesting. I will indeed go ahead and read about those, And now that I realize a 'Ring' Type of world HAS Been used many times, I would'nt feel bad about using it.

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