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    Sentence structure

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by writer one, Sep 26, 2015.

    My two arguments about sentence structure is word usage and the word order within a sentence. I am convinced about sentence structure when using a subject and a predicate, this makes sense to me. But word order bothers me because there are lots of words out there to use, the question is which words are they? I favor synonyms above grammar verbs nouns etc. It seems to me that words used in a sentence has to be contained in that sentence to be understood, and have a subject and predicate in it, but my mind flashes back to each sentence has a subject and predicate.

    In the sentence above there is five sentences that have five subjects and five predicates in each sentence. I am wondering if general writing would surfice instead of having five subjects and predicates per sentence. Which leads me back to general writing. There are word history and word meanings. The sentence "the cat sat on the mat" tells me the subject is the cat and it sat on the mat. And every other word should relate to that subject?
    Am I off base here? writer one

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