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    Shalom an' all that, you know...

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Lache, Nov 4, 2013.

    Hey Everyone,

    The entirely bearable state of Washington I'm from; a twenty-one-year-old among trees, mountains, legal portions of weed, legally gay married couples, enormous international corporations, and a decidedly unfair tax system. And Chuck Palahniuk, who we have a statue of; we're very proud of him. There's nary a nicer place than here, among my people. - And then there's that guy from the last election. I hate politics. I hate politics in the sense that politicians and pundits are like actors; actors in the sense that they're often really attractive, difficult to avoid, and easily and unintentionally pornographic - to my mind. I hate politics in the sense that it's all done like fanfictional teenage bullshittery: it's angry, romantic, and ends up with intentionally improper and surprisingly brief periods of banging with too attractive actors - 'characters' - playing menial parts with silly lines, and then they're kissing and coddling, doing all kinds of naughty things to each other; and then it's over and ends with some bunkum platitude recalling very purposefully how extraordinary and blissful and substantial it all was. That's my difficulty with politics, though it's true that I follow fairly attentively. I have nothing especially against porn, except when it's on TV and my parents are well into it, and then I get into it and everything feels awkward - my issue with politics.

    I don't write very frequently; when I do it's nothing more than a short story or essay. I'm presently working on a piece of fanfiction, strangely, based on a soap opera, 'Supernatural', which I might or might not post here, since it gets dirty rather quickly - and since I'm new I have to assume there're rules against such things. Truth be told, I'm not an English student or any student who often bothers with the many charming wherewithals of language. Rather, I'm a music student, one who likes to write with words now and again, intermittent with heavy listens of Wagner and vainglorious fetes of composing, often going well into the morning. Don't start leashing any prejudices against this poor dude with a foreign background, writers, as he only intends to study and learn from you what he's missed or otherwise ignored at disturbed points in his past.

    I'm looking forward, very much, to enrolling myself into the habits and prestige of this community of admirable, obsessed, and sleepless writers, and I hope to be able to talk with the lovelier ones among you.

    Best and loves,

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    Hi Lache, welcome to the forum wherein you can rant to your heart's content about the general shittiness of politics -- in addition to discussing writing!

    Read the rules section; once you meet the criteria, you can post your fanfic to the fanfic workshop in case you'd like some feedback on your writing. It's the best way to learn, methinks.

    Hope you'll like it here!

    P.s. Me and my hubby are big fans of Supernatural as well. Just started watching it right from the beginning for... the fourth time, maybe.
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