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  1. Jay Lafountain

    Jay Lafountain New Member

    Nov 7, 2016
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    Remnant, Shadowclan, or 1776 New York City

    Shattered Eclipse ~

    Discussion in 'Role Play' started by Jay Lafountain, Nov 16, 2016.

    Shattered Eclipse
    A Dystopian Nightmare

    A faint glow has been cast upon the world. The austere silence and lack of simplicity of the night draws in the souls of broken humankind. Some become attached more then others. But the ones who don't share a connection with the ebony presence that some worship like a God are drawn into other forms of hope, such as the bright sky. The once weary were drawn into the suns rays that warmed their souls like fire on dust. The crackling persons who seethed at the dark night that blotted out any thought and weighed heavy on their souls, and the lurking persons who felt comfortable only unseen, in a forgiving swath of shadow.

    Segregation was illegal. Everyone would send their children off with a smile, telling them false promises that everyone would be a friend. Installed with hope, these young girls and boys would streak to their buses, grinning from ear to ear for what's to come. They'd sit where they were placed, student next to student. They would talk, gossip, laugh, whatever an average child would do. When they got to school, that all changed.

    Children screamed as they were pulled away from their friends and distant family, separated from fellow students and kin. The classes were isolated from eachother, teachers and students alike. They pulled the children into windowless chambers, forcing them to choose light or dark. They were pressured and teased and reprimanded until they gave a firm answer. The ones who said "light" were placed into one half of the school, and the ones who answered "dark" in another. The only place where the light saw the dark was on the buses, once at the beginning of the day and once at the end.

    When the children came home, they were asked if they made friends. The children were sworn to keep what they saw a secret from everyone, even their parents and siblings. With a quiet nod sons and daughters would lie, tentatively telling a sham of how their day went. Then, crawling into their rooms they would cry, knowing that this was only the beginning.

    There was much more to come.

    Years later, the parents found out. The word was spread, newspapers exploding. The government was furious, and took the anger out on the people. The two would not mix, they said, as if they were different species altogether. Siblings were separated, kicking and screaming for lost sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. Friends parted with harsh words of what they had learned about eachother. Couples were broken, one dark and one light. Children were taken away from mothers, for they had felt a pull to a different sky aura.

    The world was split into two sides: The Dark Sector and the Light Sector. Those who felt connected to the light, who wanted to see everyone shine in the light of day had been put in the North. Those who felt a need to be hidden in darkness and shadow for their full potential to shine were in the South. Forever gone from eachother. Anyone who tried to cross the sea to reach lost family and friends was executed. Both sides gained new leaders, a King and Queen for each side. Permanently segregated.

    Until now.

    The Dark Sector has let the darkness in too much. It filled their hearts, mind, and soul. In the South, they are organizing an army of Shadow Warriors. With a system of Trainer and Apprentice, the older Shadow Warriors train the younger to be ruthless and filled with stormy ambition. Anyone between the ages of 7 and 15 and are deemed worthy through a series of harsh tests trains as an apprentice. Mentors range from 16-39. Anyone old enough to be an Apprentice must take the test, or can be punished with death. If they pass, they start training with an assigned Trainer. If they happen to not pass, they go back to the labor forces where they work tirelessly in the dark, at night. In a year, they are forced to be tested again. Male or female, teenager or child, everyone has a role to play in the Dark Sector. And they are determined to capture the Light and make them slaves. And soon, a war will arise on the horizon. Death and destruction is looming closer day by day.

    In the Light Sector, they are oblivious. They work and play, much like modern day life. They are bright and relish the sunrays, and wait patiently for the summer where they can feel at home. Warmth fills their hearts, and few feel the tugs of ambition or bloodlust. Children go to school from the ages of 5-17, and then they are required to get a profession. Colleges are open, and some join to follow their dreams. Dreams, wishes, and care for your neighbors is the primary lifestyle in the Light Sector. That's how they have been for centuries after the segregation. And continue they do, living on in oblivion to the storm raging closer and closer to their world.

    A prophecy has been set upon the Light Sector, but only few are aware. The Half-Souls are aware of the prophecy, but no one else. Once in a blue moon, a child will be born not fully human. The child will have the attributes of an animal, such as ears, a tail, or claws and fangs. Any animal - fox, wolf, cat, bird, bear, et cetera - and they are deemed Half-Souls. It sounds derogatory, but they are treated close to regular humans. Just under on the social scale, they don't get as much friendliness as regular people. Though they do not suffer, they tend to be semi-neglected by others.

    But on the Dark Sector, when a Half-Soul is born, they are treated like royalty. They are the strongest, the most persistent, and are the most worthy warriors. They are seen as part-monster, and they are a force not to be reckoned with. They are the strongest of the Pack, and are trained to fight with swift agility and bloodthirst.

    With a war coming, there is no clue who will survive. One side oblivious to the other, and a dark prophecy haunting the Half-Souls of the Light Sector. They are blind to what is coming - and the results could be lethal.


    The sun will fall
    The light will cease
    The darkness is coming
    A storm is brewing
    Few will survive
    The broken night and moon will rise
    The single light of the night will shatter
    An unseen shadow is lurking nearer



    Open Roles:
    Light Sector Regular Citizen
    Dark Sector Apprentice
    Dark Sector Trainer
    Light Sector Prisoner
    Dark Sector School Child/Reject
    Light Sector School Child
    Light Sector Half-Soul School Child
    Light Sector Half-Soul Regular Citizen
    Dark Sector Half-Soul Apprentice
    Dark Sector Half-Soul Trainer

    Appearance: (No pictures, please):
    Family (Optional):
    Relationship Status (Optional):
    Theme Song (Optional):


    Rules for Sign Ups
    - Please, stay non-explicit with looks
    - Nothing overly unrealistic, like rainbow hair, multicolored eyes, vitiligo, et cetera
    - Don't let Dark Sector people be too evil, and don't let the Light Sector people be too gleeful. Every good character has some bad, and every bad has some good
    - Please don't have there be 10 female characters and 2 male characters
    - Only very few Half-Souls are accepted, because they are extremely rare
    - Let age vary - don't have all characters be 16, for example
    - For Half-Souls, only one or two animal attributes, but they must be of the same animal if there's two, such as a cat ear and tails, claws, a fox tail and fangs, et cetera
    - Don't limit Half-Souls to only felines and canines


    - Keep roleplay realistic
    - No explicit/mature content is to be roleplayed. If you wish to do so, so it in private message
    - No more than two characters per person
    - No godmodding/powerplaying
    - No playing anyone elses characters, even with permission
    - No metagaming, and OOC must be put in ( and )
    - Use proper grammar, capitlization, puncuation, and good English
    - Use italics for thought
    - Minimum cussing
    - Keep all of your characters equally active
    - Hate the character, not the roleplayer
    - Be respectful to everyone participating
    - If you break one of the rules, you get a strike
    - Three strikes and your out of the roleplay
    - Please make this a good experience for all, and try to say away from negativity​
  2. Kingtype

    Kingtype Banned Contributor

    Sep 12, 2012
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    Right under your nose!
  3. Jay Lafountain

    Jay Lafountain New Member

    Nov 7, 2016
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    Remnant, Shadowclan, or 1776 New York City
    Please Read

    - Some trainers have been sent out to capture Light-Sector people. Half-souls are what they want - if you are not a Half-soul, you are forced to work in a labor force. If not, they are trained as if they were a Dark Sector apprentice. Yet, they are still treated like prisoners in little rooms with a trainer, and little chance to eat or drink. The only time they eat is once a day in a room with some apples on a table, half a loaf of bread, and some water and the occasional cup of milk. The prisoners will all be let into the room at once, and whoever snags the food gets it. There is much fighting and injury, and the little ones barely ever eat. Even Half-Souls must dine this way. Sick, cruel, treatment.


    Name: Temerity
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15-16
    Sector: Light
    Role: Prisoner in the Dark Sector / Dark Sector Half-Soul Apprentice
    Appearance: (No pictures, please): Temerity is a young light-skinned girl with long, slightly wavy dark-brown hair that fades to just brown at the very ends. She has bangs. In her hair is the feather of a jay, blue with black stripes and a white tip. It is rather long but still real, and it is believed that is symbolic of something. She has dark brown eyes that match her hair. She is a half-soul and has a tortoiseshell cat tail and cat ears, with one white ear and a tipped tail. She sometimes wears black glasses, but not often. She was found wearing a snug purple t-shirt, with the words "I am Inimitable" on the front. But as a female prisoner, her accessories were thrown away as were her clothes. Her prisoner wear, as a female, is a dark brown-almost black dress with no straps but a collar attached to the dress that wraps around her neck. It fans out at the bottom, so she cannot see her feet. She wears matching gloves on her hands, fingerless. She wears her hair down, and there is a hole in the back of her dress where her tail fits through.
    Personality: Temerity does not have a memory, so she has only ever known the Dark Sector. She feels abandoned and rejected, told she is from the Light Side. She feels a pull to the light but she is reprimanded harshly for it. She likes to talk and is quite talkative around herself and people who will listen, but that is not many seeing she is a prisoner. She tends to speak her thoughts out loud and this gets her in trouble. She is kind on the inside and will help anyone who needs it, and is willing to break rules to do what she thinks is the right thing. She values friendship but never gets it, and longs for a family of her own. She is lonely and honestly broken, and can be aggressive at times during practice or when she is speaking something she truly believes.
    Bio: Temerity found herself in an old shed, wearing a t-shirt and jeans as well as a watch, bracelet, and ring. It was during a rainstorm and she lost her memory, not able to think of anything. Anyways she ventured outside, crawled bedraggled through someone's yard, and finally came to a house. She knocked on the door and was greeted by a woman who was violent, threatening to drag her to the trash when she was "done with her". Temerity ran away, finally bumping into a man on the sidewalk. The man attacked her and knocked her out, punching her in the head, knees, and chest. She fell unconscious and finally woke up in her little room, still with no memory of what happened before she was found in the shed. She has been there for a few days, starved, not allowed into the food room. She has not been assigned a trainer, and has resorted to chewing on her new outfit and the legs of her bed. Until today.
    Likes: Friendship, family, open spaces, fields, cats, talking, reading, light
    Dislikes: Anger, enemy, small spaces, restriction, hatred, darkness, mice
    Family (Optional): Unknown
    Relationship Status (Optional): Open/None
    Theme Song (Optional): Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars, or E.E.T by Regina Spektor

    Looking for a trainer!
  4. Jay Lafountain

    Jay Lafountain New Member

    Nov 7, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Remnant, Shadowclan, or 1776 New York City

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