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    Should I Include a Plot Twist

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Syrena, Apr 25, 2016.

    I've been having this problem for a while now, but unable to come to a solution. I've got 2 good plot twists but I'm wondering if I should include them at all.

    Allow me to elaborate, the plot twists were not originally meant for the plot I'm currently working on. You see, a year or so ago, I had a basic outline of a story that didn't really go anywhere, but I had a good plot twist. The second plot twist again, came from another story that was going no where. Fast forward to today, and I've got 2 stories, each with a unique plot twist. I decided to start a third story and combine first two stories to make the third one.

    The novel itself is a psychological thriller/love story.

    I'm well into my third one, and it's going great, but for a while now I was thinking of removing the twists

    Here are my reasons:

    1. It must be pulled off right - If I have a plot twist that seems rushed or shoved in the plot just for the sake of a plot twist, then it won't come right, and the reader will be left disappointed. Or worst yet, they could guess the plot twist before it actually happens.

    2. It's only good for the first read, and then afterward, what? To me anyway, after you read though a novel and discover the twist and make it to the end, that's it. If you were to read it again, would you still enjoy it knowing the twist?

    Currently, I'm leaning heavily toward removing them, and focus on writing the rest of my story.
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    I always think of Psycho when this question comes up because it deals with a plot twist that's pretty well known and it's a movie I've watched a lot. It's not my favorite Hitchcock but it's very stylish and well done. Worth watching again because it has an interesting story and it's not just about the payoff.

    That for me is the main issue - if the story cannot be sustained without the plot twist I'd ditch the plot twist. Or turn it into a short story. If you took the plot twist out of Psycho the story is still relevant and interesting. The conflict is still there and it might have an added addition of what Norman would do when he finally had to confront his mother in the act of trying to murder Lila.
    .But take Identity a movie in the early 2000. It has a high rating but I thought it was quite dull and if you were to take away the twist it wouldn't leave much meat or conflict. It would just be your average slasher flick.
    However that being said, what's your audience. Readers love a good plot twist. If you're game for it, go for it. But if you think the story would be stronger without them - remove them.
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    The sign of a truly great twist is if it makes rereading even better, shining light on old mysteries and revealing clues the reader missed the first time around. Conversely, the sign of a terrible twist is if rereading reveals nothing new because the twist came out of nowhere.
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