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    Style Sitcom/dynasty

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Mike Hill, Oct 27, 2014.

    I had heard time naming this thread because I have numerous subjects.
    I have been writing a serious book that is pretty harsh so started to think about more positive story.
    Story is going to be about a regular family in a small neighborhood near a big city living regular life. You know, like sitcoms from the TV. they don't live in any kind of vacuum time goes on and the kids grow.
    This just my idea but it is not the actual issue of the thread. Also i do know that writing comedy is not as easy as it sounds.
    My question is, would this style be any good?
    After a hard day of work Tom wanted to just watch some TV. Jim ruined his changes of relaxation with his new project.
    Tom: Jim! What you are doing with that piece of junk?
    Jim: I'm building a car.
    Tom:Can you even drive a car?

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