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    Six Simple Tips for Healthier Life

    Discussion in 'Word games' started by ahsanfromspace, Mar 19, 2016.

    Six Simple Tips for Healthier Life
    The supreme wish of everyone is to be healthy. For that everyone wants to spend last penny of his saving. In short, without healthier life a person is nothing. He does not care about other things if he is sick.
    Here I compiled five tips which keep you healthier and provide you freshness.
    Keep hydrated.
    Get plenty of sunlight.
    Eat mindfully.
    Get enough sleep.
    Walk regularly and engage in some exercise.
    Practice random acts of kind and appreciation.
    Keep Hydrated;-
    Water makes two-third of body. It performs plethora of functions including acting as a solvent, carrier of nutrients, temperature regulator and body detoxifier. Maintaining hydration has profound influence on vitality and energy level including mental alertness.
    Get plenty of sunlight;-
    Sunlight is associated with wide spectrum of benefits including, reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, multiple scleroses and osteoporosis as well as improved immune system. Experts believe that vitamin D is made when shadow is shorter than our body i.e when the sun is high in the sky.
    Eat mindfully;-
    Studies depict that a “primal” diet made up of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as meat, fish and egg control your weight and improvement in risk marker of illness such as heart disease and diabetes. It is common practice among people that they eat extra food. However, we can eat mindfully and quality food.Aditionally,breakfast kick start your metabolism and helps to stay active with alert mind.
    Get enough sleep;-
    Sleep loss the ability to optimize mental energy and physical energy and optimal sleep (include eight hours) reduce the risk of chronic disease and increase longevity one simple strategy that can help us to go early to bed. It will help us in long life and wellbeing.
    Walk regularly and engage in some exercise;-
    Walking is associated with variety of benefits including a reduced risk of chromic diseases, anti-anxiety and need enhancing effects. Likewise, exercise helps us to maintain body and muscles growth.
    Practice random acts of kindness and appreciation;-
    Random act of kindness are good for receivers as well as givers. It could be giving ladies or elders a seat in a bus, pay for baggers food;Unless spending more time focusing on what we don’t take but on what we do can do to bring a peace of heart and mind.

    Recommendations will be highly Appreciated
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    After reading back through the stuff in bold I added to the quote I realized I might be a mean person. Personally I can take criticism like that so I don't mind dishing it out. Sorry in advance if this offends you. Anyway, when reading this it reminds me of a report I'd write for in middle-school. Not the writing level or anything, just the intention behind it. I don't really understand the motive behind writing this. It's not interesting enough or correct enough to come across as something you genuinely enjoyed putting together. In that sense it really does feel like a school assignment. I sort of have the impression you wrote this for the people on the forum instead of yourself. I guess my advice is that you should write about things you care about. This just came across as a little bit fake. Sorry if my honesty is bordering on the mean.

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