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    Starting Over with Fresh Eyes I.E. Hello :)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Chas Blankenship, May 15, 2018.

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Chas. I've been writing ever since middle school, which means I'm going on fifteen years now. I have a Bachelor's in creative writing and in the time between starting and now, I've written everything from published flash fiction to 900+ page manuscripts.

    I started out writing fan fiction before diving right into taking a crack at a novel that was my love letter to science fiction and action/adventure; the stories I grew up loving in comic books and the like.

    After writing an unpublished trilogy in that vein, which in and of itself was the biggest learning curve ever to just throw caution to the wind and do the work, I went to school and came up with a thesis of experimental science fiction titled "The Book of IIM," a work in the vein of Mark Danielewski's "House of Leaves," which went full-tilt through typography, visual pages, unreliable narrators, dual narrators, nearly everything I could think of based on my studies to tell the tale of an Artificial Intelligence tasked with archiving human beings through an excavation of the Internet long after our extinction...subsequently learning to become some semblance of human itself in the process.

    I'm still working on revisions to my first draft of "IIM". But now, I'm finding myself on a precipice with my creative writing where I feel inclined to reevaluate my relationship with the craft.

    So here I am, interested in finding my momentum again through short fiction, eager to network, connect with and meet other writers and immerse myself in a broad range of creative minds and practices, potentially workshopping pieces and building up a community of incredible people to be a part of.

    I'm happy to be here :)

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