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    Staying on topic.

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by ShortBus, May 1, 2012.

    It might just be my luck on which topics I choose to read, but I think there is an issue with staying on the topic at hand. I use this forums for questions and answers as well as criticism. Sometimes it is a daunting task to filter through all of the posts to find the right answer (or the one that makes the most sense) but it is very difficult to me, and most likely the thread creator, when people go off in their own tangents.

    I remember trying to help someone with a questions and in the example I made I said "quietly whispered", which is a bit redundant, but it was completely irrelevant to the original post. Somehow my faux pas became the new topic and no one tried to help the guy who made the thread in the first place. This happened a very long time ago and I'm summarizing. Here is a real time example of what I mean, (it just happends to be one that i read today.) https://www.writingforums.org/showthread.php?t=52319&p=900770#post900770

    This is a very discouraging and annoying issue. I would like to see other's feedback on this issue and hopefully find some kind of resolution.
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    yeah did they deleate a bit of that thread, its awsome but makes no sense. i personaly feel they are too egaer to sutdown pointless threads that go on awsome tangents, becuse they are off topic.
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    Personally, I find that as long as they don't stray too far, the information being passed or debated or whatever can prove useful. But you do get to the point where it needs to return back to the orginal point.
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    I think threads should be able to multi-task. You can answer the OP's question but if you do that and never discuss peripheral issues or go on a bit of a tangent, the discussion essentially turns into a bunch of people agreeing or disagreeing with each other, and that's little use to the OP either.
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    Threads that stray too far from the original topic are subject to closure, or deletion of off topic material. If a new topic is warranted, start a new thread rather than hijacking an existing thread.

    How it is dealt with depends on the nature of the deviation. If it's turning into an off topic debate or argument, the thread will likely be closed. If the off topic material is idle chatter, those posts willl likely be deleted. If the topic is a natural growth from the base topic, abd is not likely to be inflammatory, it may be allowed to run its course on a long or short term basis.

    However, threads should remain on topic so the original poster can get or refine the answers desired, or othyer people with the same question can get clarification.

    Also, please try to name your threads meaningfully. It helps other people with the same or similar questions to find answers without forcing members to give the same answers over and over. So a thread title of "I have a question" or :Can you help me?" is unhelpful. A thread title of "When is it okay to kill off the POV character?" is much better, despite its length. "Kill the POV character?" is even better, because it can be displayed in full in a thread list.

    Most questions are asked repeatedly. Make it easy to find answers without making a new thread, whenever possible.

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