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    Steven Erikson; Malazan Book of the Fallen series?

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Speedy, Apr 19, 2010.

    I have been eyeing this series for quiet some time (I pocked up book 7 by mistake once, and was somewhat interested in his style and creation).

    It's kind of scares me though knowing the series is quiet large, and each book is giantic (and i noticed with the book i picked up he enjoy overly long sentences with about a dozen comma's in each. BUT he seems to have a huge world/expereince going on).

    Can anyone recommend it, and/or maybe some feedback on your experience with it?
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    I must admit I didn't like it, couldn't get past book 1. I found it too complicated, all this jumping around all over the place with different characters and not enough time given with each one to actually get to know them, and there seemed very little in the way of characters I could empathise with. Frankly, I thought they were all horrible !
    But that said, my fiancé loves the books. There's a spin-off series by his mate, Christopher someone-or-other, but I haven't read those.
    I guess it's a question of style. I know he's got a very good story in there, I just can't read it ! Plus I have little patience with stories of more than three books these days. The books are not light reading, and you do need to start at the beginning.
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