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    Stopping to smell the roses

    Discussion in 'The Art of Critique' started by thedarkknight, Jan 17, 2013.

    Found this site. Really, really cool. I can put my writing up for review and get real people to tell me how to make it better. What? Prerequisites? Two reviews? Twenty posts? No problema. I got this mousie thing-a-majig. Clickity-click. No problema Jack. [finds review section - randomly selects thread] Throw together something. Hope it sounds helpful. Submit. One down. Wonder if the OP will thank me. Wait a minute! THIS STORY WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED IN 2006!?


    This still counts as a helpful review, right? Not my fault they if they aren't checking their feedback anymore.

    [Clicks on random thread] Throw together something. Hope it sounds helpful.

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    You may wish to read How to Use the Writing Workshop and Constructive Critiques. Critiquing benefits the critiquer more than the original writer, so it really doesn't matter how old the piece of writing is that you critique.

    What determines whether a critique is or is not constructive is covered by the second link. The Writing Workshop is primarily a classroom/laboratory for learning how to give and receive critique to maximum benefit. Both giving critique and making the best use of feedback are skills that are rarely taught. Nevertheless, they are invaluable skills for every serious writer. Critiquing other writers' work gives a new perspective for examining your own work. And critiquing published writing helps you discover approaches that work well )or don't work at all).

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