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    Story Arc plots

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by craig101, Jan 12, 2010.

    Hello there,

    I am writing a story arc, the idea for this is there will be 10 Novelettes in a book, and like i guess a TV series the final story of the Book will be a cliff hanger.

    The main difference is, is that there will be many different main characters from, different places in space as well as times, sometimes they cross but usually only for big stories

    I have come up with quite a few story arcs, i thought if i discuss the plots here, i might be able to gain some advancement as well as some other ideas and it might just help me along the way :)

    Story 1, is basic scene setting, with get our first introduction of the time travel police, the agent however turns up in the wrong place in time, and ends up taking 2010 Human, Emily Tucker with him, they then transfer to the first ever earth spaceship, which also has a slictak advisor in the year 3000 and aim to stop a time travel rougue from blowing up the ship, after stopping the blowing up the criminal escapes, after following him threw time to a space ship which is around a planet that has just been destroyed, and it is learnt that the reason for his wanting to cause the destruction, his planet was literally just destroyed by a earth spaceship crashing throw a wormhole that appeared in the middle of the planet, destroying it, in the end the criminal is taken into custody

    It sets the scene for the main two aspects, the first space ship and the time travel agents, the big curve balls of this is first of all the criminal turns out it was a clone taken to prison not him, and he becomes the big villain through the stories, also, what i so far think is one of my favourite on going stories, at the end of Book 2, a ship from around the year 3500 is destroyed in a battle, say a book later in the year 5000 or so a starship discover's a 2000 year old starship and its uncovered it was that ship that was dragged through the wormhole, and they was never destroyed

    Story 2: in the year 3126 a alliance talks from many species in the sector takes place, it will go into detail of the many different species, the talks is disrupted by a attack from habitants of a demon class planet, where it is revealed the habitants come from a alternative reality, they are saved from a race called Zadda, who are extremely advanced, it is then discussed how Zadda was the orignal race of the universe and they colonised all over the universe which is why the majority of species are 'humaniod' except for humans, where a spacecrew of zadda's was lost at the creation of this solar system was sucked in and stranded, so therefore humans are a massive majority of the only remaining pure blood zadda's

    Basically i did this story as i just felt the idea how every race in the world is so similar, there had to be a excuse, and how everyone uses greek alphabet threw space and such we know why it's used, and it makes everything very humans are the center of the universe, which is what i wanted to throw out

    Story 3: After the Zeta sector alliance, the sector tries to explore the possibilities of jumping to alternative realities, this however goes wrong and opens a two way gateway to a advanced demon world that they are unable to close, which puts the entire galaxy in risk, in the end, again the Zadda's make the save, having perfected dimensional jumps, request to work with the zeta alliance to jump into a alternate realities that has never been explored, which has the gateway on the borders of the earth solar system

    This mostly introduces the idea of alternate realities, and also sets up the finale for the book, but it also has a introduction part of the time agent and Emily tucker, which explores the time agents more

    Story 4: So far one of my favourite story ideas it starts with the NASA spaceship one accidentally entering enemy space, while everything is sorted peaceful, things are hostile and it goes through time step by step of a war between humans and the slizete's until 3125 when a half human, half slictak is captured, in the end he is freed, and makes a speech, pleeding for peace, it is however ignored and he ends up accidentally being killed by human fire, which in the end sets the stones for the zeta alliance, in story 2

    The reason this is one of my favourites, is while it is hinted, its not given away, but this half slictak, half human is the child of the Captain and Advisor on the first space ship, and we fallow his life backwards starting with his death to his birth, and its not until his birth that it is made certain who he is.

    Story 7: The criminal in story one, i want to explore his life, how he was a very intelligent man on his planet, his world had never explored space, but had time, it wasn't until a space ship almost approached his planet that they decided to try it, so they made a identical ship, when the criminal was testing the ship is when the incident happened, it discussed his range of emotions, how a intelligent man goes criminally intense, he realises, that the ship he seen was himself going back in time to get him to go there but that isn't enough, un time he comes up with his plan to destroy planet earth, in the end it is revealed he has not been arrested.

    This one i am not 100% sure about as i wanna create justification for why this man is so evil, but i fear this may create sympathy for him

    Story 10: The Zeta alliance / Zadda alternate realities jump takes place and they go to a completly cybernetic world, however they have a passenger, the previous criminal, using his expertise and knowledge create a cyborg race, in the end he capture the ship and 'assimilate' the crew.

    I felt, the best sci-fi serious, Doctor Who and Star Trek, the greatest enemies was the Borg and Cybermen no doubt about it, so i wanted to create a Cyborg race, as i felt it would be a amazing chance and challenge to run with it, make it different, unique but also very good, i think it will be one of those that either make my stories hit or miss

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