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  1. Tekqueen

    Tekqueen Member

    May 20, 2011
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    Story Ideas would like feedback

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Tekqueen, May 21, 2011.

    If this is not the right place to post ideas for feeback please let me know which one to move this post to. So I can post in the correct place

    Thanks :cool:

    First Idea is this,
    A gnome living in a community in the forest unseen by the eyes of man a noble gnome one of noble rank and wealth living there. Well respected and honored by the townspeople he is a pillar of their community.

    In the forest wandering alone he hears the faint screams of a lady in distress. Seeing she is chased by a honorable man who claims to be her master and she his servant as she is fleeing from him she trips over a tree root and is certain she will be captured by the man. Upon coming up her she is in plain site but still he doesn't see or hear her at all.
    Puzzled by this she wonders what happened, "I am Lord Savron I have saved you from this cruel man. I have kept you safe by my magic are you alright your not injured are you after you tripped over the tree root?"
    "No I'm fine thank you but where are you? I am Lady Terragon so I once was called I guess it's just Terragon now." she says sighing.
    "I am near by but you can't see me not just yet I mean no disrespect to you Lady Terragon as I will call you."
    "It's alright I understand thank you for keeping me from him."
    "I wish to see that your safe Milady take this you should see a large bag of coins for you to start a new life with go and build a great life for yourself."
    She takes the coins and ends up becoming a very rich noble lady and frequently goes to the little grove where she first meet Lord Savron. They talk and start to become close friends. Thought one day she asks him to reveal himself to her to let her see him.
    With a bit of hesitation he agrees and emerges from behind some of the twigs and branches on the forest floor when she catches sight of him she is startled to find that he is a gnome but still a handsome gnome. Leaving in disappointment and a bit of anger she goes back to her house. Though he calls for her to come back she mounts her horse and leaves.
    Later while wondering through his town home he knows he has fallen in love with Terragon. Going to a witch he obtains a magic potion that will turn him into a man for a small allotted time. Though he will be a man he will not be able to talk to her.
    This is where I am a bit stuck as I am unsure of how to have a if he doesn't win her heart what happens to him? I was thinking a merman but wasn't sure as he would be taken away from the gnome life he has.

    My second Idea is:
    As I am an Aquaman fan the alex ross justice version the artwork was great. Side note there sorry.
    This idea is taking the Aquaman character and creating a unique spin to a classic fairy tale combining Aquaman with the Rapunzel story. Calling it Auatunzel combo of the two chracters and a play on the story. Following the the fairy tale story with elements of him finding his true love again. Thought this might be a continuation to my Legend of a king my first aquaman fan fic story. If you would like to read more let me know.

    My thrid idea is:

    In a large city a lady Fern is her name she living alone with a cat in her apartment she has found a mirror that allows her to go to another world. There she meets Merik a man she meet while visiting there as they have become great fiends. She only knows that he studies marine life and that is why he is always in the water. But yet that is not the reason he keeps himslef hidden from her. He hides a secret of his own under the saphire waves of the ocean.

    Later she asks him to join her on the rock that she is laying on in the sea. Hesitating for a minute he grants her request and gets up on the rock with her. Startled by what she sees she faints in his arms. He explains that all though he is a merman that he still wishes to be a friend to her if she can accept that he is of the sea. Fern does accept him and they remain friends.

    Her aunt later in the story a rich society snob decides it's time Fern take her place in society along with her. As Fern has no taste for any of it still she knows she has to go along with her aunt and agrees she come for a visit.

    While her aunt is there visiting Merik uses magic to come be with Fern for an allotted time. Though the magic has turned him into a man he has taken a great risk in using it.

    Aunt somehow would stop Fern from going to him as she know that Fern could do better than this man. Somehow she the aunt discovers the door way to the world he lives in. Stops Fern somehow not sure yet still writing the story. I am not sure what the risk would be to merik yet but I welcome any ideas and thoughts.

    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas,
  2. popsicledeath

    popsicledeath Banned

    Nov 11, 2010
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    No offense, but I didn't need to read your ideas to know it doesn't matter what they are, it's all in how the story is written. Don't worry so much about validation of ideas, they're fleeting, just write.
  3. Trish

    Trish I've been deleted.. again Contributor

    Mar 12, 2011
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    New York
    Ditto. Sorry, not much else to say.
  4. Islander

    Islander Contributing Member Contributor

    Jul 29, 2008
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    I read your first idea. It sounds good up to the point where you're not sure how to continue.

    If you just want help getting ideas, how about...
    * The gnome takes the news badly and tries to take petty revenge on the lady.
    * The gnome goes out on a journey to find his true love.
    * The gnome tries to win her heart with a love potion.
  5. Tekqueen

    Tekqueen Member

    May 20, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Thank you to you all I'll start typing them up then post them please do let me know what you think.


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