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    Story prompt: Timid nerd finds extreme way to get around writer's block

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Shy Lauren, Sep 18, 2014.

    Martin was always a geek. Smart and lovably awkward, his friend Brittany would always tease him about being shy around girls, even at 20 years old.

    He gets major writing block for his college thesis paper. With no other options, he gets the idea to strip himself of all distractions by entering a nudist resort for a weekend. Literally only himself and a laptop!

    When he gets there, he gets nervous to disrobe and tries to cancel, but learns it's triple the price as a penalty if he does!

    Could you write a paragraph describing how you would write each of the following?

    1. A sheet-white, not fat but never been to a gym in his life Martin must disrobe, walk out of the change room and walk across the resort in the bright sunshine to his room.

    2. As a funny little ending, the resort accidentally loses his clothes (and car keys) so he must ask a surprised Brittany to pick him up. What happens when she gets to his house, let's him out, and yanks off the complimentary towel they let him wear home as she drives off laughing?

    Thank you!!!

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