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    Strange things are happening in the world

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Alesia, Dec 24, 2013.

    Six o'clock in the morning I usually don't have much to do on a day off. My roommate is still asleep so all I have to do is sit here and think while listening to film soundtracks.

    Anyway, I was just thinking how weird it is how some things work out in life. I was born in Los Angeles, and like to consider myself an Angeleno in every sense of the word. I never wanted to live anywhere else. Yet I always had this odd obsession with Tennessee going back far as I can remember. I never understood it. I'd never been there, or even really cared about going there for anything other than a vacation. But last year I got a random friend request on Facebook from a girl I'd never seen. She wasn't a mutual friend to any of my friends or an old high school classmate or anything. Yet I felt strangely "pushed" to respond and accept the request. Turns out she lived in east Tennessee. After a year and a half of IM, phone calls, letters, and getting to know one another, I packed up and moved to TN to live with her.

    Then I find out from my aunt the other day that the first people in our family that came to America from Northern Ireland settled in Tennessee. Go figure. Not only that, but according to her we had some men fight for the Tennessee during the Civil War and the 108th TN National Guard in WWII.

    Makes me wonder if my settling in Tennessee was something that was like supernaturally meant to be.

    Or maybe I'm just rambling because I haven't had my coffee yet. :D
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    so, what else is new!?

    seriously, so many 'clicks' like that take place in my life, on nearly a daily basis [at times, more than once a day!], that i have no choice but to consider the probability of them being 'meant'... similar 'coincidences' have taken me literally around the globe [as in circumnavigating it!] and to more parts of it that dozens of you could rack up collectively, in a lifetime... which is why i called my autobiography [that i'll never complete] 'a weird life'...

    anyway, i don't find your being 'pushed' odd in any way, alesia... welcome to the club!

    love and hugs, maia
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    Yeah, we really under estimate how common coincidence is.
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