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    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by johnbaxter, Apr 7, 2012.

    I have two sub-plots that my main character has minor involvement in. They are centered on her boss, a major character, and other minor characters. One sub-plot results in my main character discovering her husband is cheating on her, so I think it fits. She has little involvement in the other sub-plot, but it gives a deeper view of her boss, who is a major character throughout the story. Do sub-plots need to involve the main character more, or does a sub-plot that enhances the character of a related major character work?

    I have a lot of sub-plot ideas, but many focus on other major characters, and don't involve my main character, at least not directly. I'm concerned with going off on a tangent.
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    A valid concern. All subplots should either contribute to the main story plot (in opposition or support) or contribute to the development of a character in ways that impinge on the main plot.

    Read What is Plot Creation and Development?.
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    Well I think sometimes you need too go of on a tangent. I wrote a book without a plan and went of on one and my minor character totally kicked my lead out the way, but when I read it, she was actually the better lead.
    But most sub-plots are there for character growth and story development, but I like the Tangent thing, can be a real eye opener"

    Good Luck Hun

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