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    Sup Writers?

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Elijah Maddoxx, Jun 14, 2014.

    My name's Keith, although I go under the pen name "Elijah Maddoxx" (the two xx's in the last name are on purpose. lol.)

    I've written a little FanFiction the past couple of years for my favorite show at the time which was "Criminal Minds," but got blocked on one I started and haven't gone back. Have written a couple one-shots since then though. Not so much a fan of the show, although I still am attached to one character in particular from the show named "Derek Morgan," played by Shemar Moore. He's been the focus of some of those fanfics and one-shots that I wrote because I can relate so much with that character more than the others. My new favorite show is "Scandal," but not for the reason most like it. Not into the whole romance thing. I enjoy the plots and twists and things of that nature. Never been big on relationships.

    I'm always coming up with storylines and ideas in my head, mostly which are character driven. I've got a keen fascination with people and I always have different characters running through my mind and scenarios and things of that nature. It's just hard for me sometimes to stop thinking and start writing. I'm trying to improve on that, and it didn't always used to be so difficult.

    I love creative people. I think they're the geniuses that make this world less...well...lame. Often times it's so much better to be carried off into a world created by someone than to give too much of yourself in the current one where there's alot of apathy everywhere you look.

    Imagination is something I admire most of all about people.

    Anywho, hope to find some great stuff here, hope to interact with and meet some great people, have some great discussions and run across that motivation I've been searching around for an eternity to find!
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    Welcome man! I had my start in a genre similar to fan-fic too, maybe not my proudest moment, but when peeps said I wasn't half bad it made me really pursue this writing thing, I've never been more fulfilled by a hobby so far.

    Imagination is a wonderful thing, but kindness and humor have a way of making the world a funner place to live in. As opposed to the moon, that place sucks.

    Anyway, hope you have a fun time here and find what you're looking for!
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    Hi, Keith, and welcome to the forum! Please read the New Member Quick Start Guide, participate, and have fun.

    You'll find plenty of creative people here, so you'll fit right in! This is a great forum for writers. I think you'll make some good friends here. :)

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