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    Superhero-esque YA

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by revelier, Jul 28, 2012.

    Hi everyone. So I recently had this concept trolololling in my mind about a group of kids who were basically part of this government/military program where they were experimented on and developed "superpowers". (I'm trying to be as realistic as possible when it comes to their powers and am doing as much research as possible) Sticking with the YA formula the premise of the story is a normal girl meets a not-so-normal boy. A majority of the story focuses on them with her trying to immerse him in all the stuff he never had a chance to experience. While of course dealing with all sorts of shenanigans.

    It'd really help me if I could bounce ideas off anyone and maybe get some tips on story progression since I have trouble laying out chapters. I want to make it as original as possible since this premise has pretty much become predictable (to people I've met and reviews I've read anyways). I'd appreciate any help. I've been known to be flaky when it comes to sticking to one story at a time and it frustrates me greatly. I'd like to finish one story for once. Last I checked the only one I've ever finished was a Twilight fanfiction from when I was fifteen. I hope I'm in the right thread I figured this was the best place to ask for advice. Thankies
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    First, don't hang up on originality. Originality comes in the form of your unique writing voice, not in an original story idea. For all practical purposes, there is no such thing as an original story idea. Let your characters and your writing breathe life into the story.

    Bouncing ideas off others may sound like a great idea, but it won't make you a better writer. You should exercise your own imagination, and develop your stories organically. A cause and effect approach will bring forth ideas that don't sound like an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink patchwork. Also, the more you exercise your own imagination, the more fertile it will become, and the more confidence you will develop in it.

    Finally, to better understand how to turn a collection of events into a story, read What is Plot Creation and Development?
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    With improving chapter layout you could try this method:

    Find a novel you like of the same genre that you want to write, and then reread it. Keep notes on what happens in each chapter as you go along. These only need to be very brief, but it'll help to show you how a novel is put together and how the story progresses.

    Whn it comes to actual story ideas, I kind of agree with Cog. You need to find a way of getting inspiration yourself; for me listening to music, walking and reading other books is the best way.

    However, if you want some advice on collecting ideas and working them into a plot, you might like to read my blog at the link below:

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    If you want to get more from the story, the answer is simple, read comics!

    You can pick up a lot of good stuff from them.
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    As Cogito said, there is no such thing as an original story, any more. All of them have been done in some fashion or are a retelling of one. The way to make your project original, is in creating unique characters and giving them unique voices and perspectives. That all developes with practice. You have to practice developing your imagination.

    I see know issue with bouncing ideas around and seeing what sticks. I post surveys all the time on Facebook asking how I could better develop an idea. Sometimes, I go with an idea that I get back; but often times, these ideas give birth to new ideas. So if you have questions, then you should ask. You never know if the answer you get may lead to an idea of your own.

    If you want a superhero-esque story, you should probably try reading come DC comics like "Young Justice" and "Teen Titans". DCisn't all about having teenagers as their main heros, but they do a good job of portraying them and emphasizing the growth they have. I would personally avoid Marvel Comics because they are not as deep as DC.

    To maintain the YA Feel, read up on more YA. Any story that you write can be a young adult novel, but you have to know how to write it. It should address issues surrounding young adults :)

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