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    Dec 11, 2016
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    Tell me what this name makes you imagine Pt.2

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Gomorrah, Jul 17, 2017.

    Ive done this before (if you can find it, it was the same title as this) just for the hell of it and the community seemed to enjoy it and i enjoyed reading the descriptions. So, without further ado:

    Edmond Mont
    Tell me his character traits, appearance, a back story if you want anything else that's relevant.
    Remember you dont need anything but your pretty little head. Its a writing exercise of sorts... Im rambling now... Yeah have fun!!!
  2. SethLoki

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    Jan 1, 2011
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    Manchester UK
    Swiss aristocrat, middle-aged pipe-smoker, keen on having his portrait painted (oft while sporting a monocle). Inherited his father's co. (makers of luxury pens). Spends too much time though, to the co's detriment, mixing it with his three decade younger mistress (Ursula), whilst trying to keep his own hypocrisy and way more wayward son in check.
  3. Trish

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    New York
    He's almost thirty, dark hair, olive skinned, with big brown eyes. Just under six feet tall, average build. He's quiet, and always has his nose in a book. He has a scar above his left eyebrow, another on the right side of his neck. He doesn't remember how he got them so he keeps his hair a little longer to prevent people from noticing and asking questions.
    He aged out of the foster care system, and works as a helper at an animal shelter. Most of his friends are the four-legged variety, and he's a little too intense for most people.
    His name used to be Thomas Rale, but he changed it when he was twenty-three. Edmond, because he thought Edmond, Oklahoma sounded like a nice place to live when he read about it, and Mont because, after reading Romeo and Juliet at fourteen, he's always seen himself as a Montague - the rest of the world as Capulets. Montague sounded too pretentious, so he shortened it, but he's happy with it.
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    the snotty arrogant son of a rich man
  5. Robert Musil

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    "Our top story tonight, the Crown Prosecution Service has announced charges against Edmond Mont, Earl Shrewesbury, over his alleged role in the kickback scandal which has come to be known as the 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Affair."
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    Mont Family History. Catalan and French: topographic name for someone who lived on or near a hill, from Catalan and Old French mont 'mountain', 'hill' (Latin mons, genitive montis). Dutch: nickname from Middle Dutch monde 'mouth', perhaps denoting someone with a large or loud one.

    Definitely a playboy in a Stutz Bearcat with mink coat, (yes a real mink coat). He was given a military title of Lt Colonel to keep him from going to the front lines. While he use to be well off, he needs to marry rich to save the family's reputation. Percilla is the prize of his pursuit, and is so enamored by him she doesn't see the real reason he is romancing her. One of his friends has spilled the beans to the father, and then the troubles start.

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