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    That Moment When You Realiz...

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Leaka, Jun 17, 2014.

    ....your family is really foreign.

    My Papi and Mama, live in Greece. Well my life has always been back and forth to America. Then back to Greece. Grandmum and Grandpapi live in America. Papi and Mama went back to Greece.

    I was talking to my Papi on the phone. And I thought my English was bad. You have no clue.

    Papi and me say hello, how are you in greek, then he goes straight to English

    Papi, Tell us. Your Mam and I curious about what you do. Do you make writing?

    Papi it's do you write, not make writing. I mean I understand why you say make writing.

    Me, Yes. I still write.

    Papi sighs.

    Papi, Why do you do this to us?

    Parts of my conversation were in Greenglish. Greece and English. He tends to mutter and curse in Greek. Then go back with English. I speak Greek.

    Me, Do what? What did I do?

    Papi, oh my child. School. Job. You're in America.

    At this point its like Papi did you forget what America was like? The economy is bad, just as its in Greece. And what time machine did you step out of Papi? America is no longer the dream country. It is hard all over.

    Me, I send application. I promise. I will make you proud.

    Sometimes when I talk to my parents. They sound so foreign even to me.

    Anyone else?
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    The fact that you sound foreign writing this thread about your foreign parents, makes this hilariously ironic and cute. Then again you have always been cute when you speak. And this is not me perving on him, no homo intended.

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