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    The Caveman Challenge: 2013

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by ERROR57no_name, Oct 2, 2013.

    Hello, and welcome to my first actual post! I am brand new to the forum, so please let me know if I'm doing anything that is frowned upon.

    Now, anyways, onward to the prompt!:

    The year is 2013 AD. The sky is not visible, for two reasons. The first is that the skies of the cities of Earth are made of solid rock. The second is that every human in the world is blind. But, how could this happen? Could there be a fallout of mustard gas (very unlikely)? Perhaps a serial killer gauged everyone's eyes out (insanely unlikely)?

    Not even close.

    The world is exactly the same as today's, but with one key difference: Humans never left their caves. It was simple, really. The human race began with two mammals, but they met while trapped underground. Since then, humans have discovered the surface, only to find their cave-adapted bodies being baked in the sun. Humans have not left since, and have become more and more like cave creatures.

    So, the prompt is simple. Describe an aspect of life for these strange humanoid beings. For example, it could be the language, how their bodies developed, architecture, a legendary tale, or a mythology, etc. Then, find some way to explain why this would be so. Give several specific reasons.


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    Anea and Gwan were, as usual, hard at work. Today was different though. For Gwan, the previous night had been just wonderful; finally knowing what Anea's smooth, warm skin feels like. He could only wish she felt the same.

    As Gwan handed the claw to Anea, who was now stationed atop a mound digging tirelessly and furthering their advance to the heavens, if only by a small amount, he thought he saw her gazing for him. His passion was boundless but his chances slim, he felt.

    By now Anea was making some real headway and Gwan stepped up to add a surface. It was soon after this moment when it happened: the earth shook violently and both Anea and Gwan dashed to the side wall for safety. Suddenly they were blind; unable to detect a single reverberation. Above them now was not an upwards wall but a complete lapse - for what was there a moment ago is now nothingness. Anea leant into Gwan; together, they were still.



    Anea & Gwan are like archeologists but whose job is to tunnel at the 'sky'. Needless to say, this is a pursuit they have been following for some time and neither Gwan nor Anea are expecting anything significant to actually happen. What does happen is that they break through to the surface and are the first humans to have done so.

    The light shines through the hole, and in case you hadn't worked this out yet, they use echolocation to 'see', or at best, visualise their surroundings. Thus they see nothingness when they are so used to always seeing something. The light is unnoticeable to them.

    The claw is a tool they use similar to our pickaxes, and a mound is their equivalent of a ladder (they come in various different shapes & sizes and can be ordered custom).

    To "add a surface" means to lend a hand.

    Anea's skin is "smooth, warm" because it would serve an evolutionary purpose for their skin to be smooth as the inside of subterranean areas are seldom anything but rough, craggy & dangerous. The lack of sight, light & smooth surfaces would lead to smoother skin because rougher skin would catch and break off causing frequent minor injury. It is warm because one would expect the body to adapt to retain heat better in an environment in which it can be scarce.

    I think I've covered everything here but if I've left anything out be sure to let me know :)

    PS. My vision is blurry as it is very late and i can't see the screen well so apologies for any typos i'm not going to read it back lol :)
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