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    The Complete Crossover

    Discussion in 'Setting Development' started by Asaph Judea Wagner, Dec 29, 2012.

    I enjoy comic books. I'm planing to do something like the late Sigilverse. There are different planets for different stories, so different superheroes don't crossover from the start. As you know many characters cross over between titles to enrich the world and make the buyer try another series. I want them to start separate and kind of have their own domain. In these way, one planet could advance to the information age while the other is still in medieval times and so forth.

    Comic books have a lot of different themes. I want to know what themes you think should be. It can be as specific as Edo-period Japan or Aztec mythology or as general as cyber punk, fantasy, romance, Gothic horror, etc.

    Please write as many as you think are suitable. You can put 2 themes together for a story line, post-apocalyptic western for example.

    The goal is to create universe where all interesting themes coexist and no more is required.

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