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    The Dustcover thread

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by cmcpress, Dec 24, 2010.

    As it's christmas, i thought it would be fun to play the Guess the film / book / story from the "dustcover" thread.

    The rules: Write the dustcover / plot for a story - the person who guesses the story gets to write the next one and so on.

    No character names, place names or other names which might make it too easy to guess...

    Ok here we go:

    This is a story of an old man, with a fondness for children, who is arrested for stealing. He hires a young hot shot lawyer who takes on his case. The prosecutor tries to convince the court that the defendant is insane and a danger to himself and others. In a bold move, the defence, at great expense to the court system, manage to argue their corner calling progressively more fantastical witnesses. Eventually, after a private discussion with the judge the case is won when a blatant bribe is passed to the Judge - releasing the old man.

    What story is this?
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    wishing I was somewhere else...
    Oh! Oh! Is it Miracle on 34th Street?? :p

    My go:

    The heir to a sizeable estate encounters resistance from his newly-promoted uncle, when the possible product of the heir's eating cheese before bed tells him that evil is afoot. Will it be who he thinks it is behind that curtain? Will his girlfriend ever get her dress dried out? Find out in: ............
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    Hamlet? ;)

    (Let me know if I'm right, I'll post a new one :)

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