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    The Girl on the Train

    Discussion in 'Discussion of Published Works' started by GingerCoffee, Jan 24, 2016.

    Wow, there's so much to discuss about this book. If you haven't read it, do so before you read all the spoilers.

    It's a new book, people have been talking about it, it got accolades on GoodReads. When I got it from the library the librarian said it was a good book. There are dozens of holds on it.

    It could just be your average crime novel. Some people compared it to Gone Girl, but I don't think it had much in common with Gone Girl at all. Yet when I finished it, I definitely agree it is a special book and deserves the accolades. Rather than the clever plot twist and mystery, the crime novel framework was pretty standard.

    So why does this book stand out? You'll have to read it, or read the spoilers.
    It was the unique protagonist. She was an alcoholic that did all the sleazy things an alcoholic does. And she was often pathetic. She was described as fat when two other main female characters were beautiful. She was the jealous woman that couldn't get over her ex husband leaving her for another woman. And at first you thought her drinking caused him to leave her.

    Yet by the end of the book, despite the unlikeable disaster this woman was, the author injected little reasons why the character was empathetic, not pathetic. And by the end of the book, the character is empathetic and likeable and you want her to prevail.

    Some of the characters that were likeable become unlikeable. And one that was vengeful is redeemed at the very end.
    So that's why I think this book hits the mark. It's not the story that has the twists, it's the characters. It's the way the author makes you like an unlikeable character.

    It's brilliant.

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