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    The hated capslock key.

    Discussion in 'Writing Software and Hardware' started by JetBlackGT, Dec 21, 2013.

    As many of you are aware, I detest the [Caps Lock] key and all it stands for.

    I understand (because oldness) the reason why the caps lock key is positioned as it is. It used to be a mechanical device (a very small button) for holding the [shift] key down while you typed something in bold, via all caps. I used to actually go back and type over a word more than once, to make it truly bold.

    In the modern world of soft-touch keypads, the least brush on the poorly positioned [Caps Lock] key activates it and in your flurry of writing, you type several words before revving back down and going backwards to... fix [sigh]. Heaven help you if you do not touch type. It might be several lines before you look up and now you are gritting your teeth and threatening to pull out your own mustache, manual-wax style.

    On my desktop, I actually turned the brand new keyboard over, unscrewed all of its screws and gained access to the actuator pads that sit between the keys and the contacts. I took a pair of wire cutters and nipped the rubber pad out so the key actually sits down in a hole and cannot be used at all.

    It was a wonderfully satisfying feeling to see the little dead Caps Lock key in the bottom of its shallow-grave-like depression. The world had just become a slightly better place.

    Well, for a PC based computer there is a tiny, free program that I absolutely love! KeyTweak lets you remap whatever key you want and make it do whatever you want! I didn't even read the instructions (because I am a MAN!) and I was done turning the [Caps Lock] key into a regular [Shift] key, in less than fifteen seconds!

    I would have been happier if the little key had screamed a quiet wail of anguish as I made it into something else. My Matrix-like god-powers over the hapless little key gave me a heady rush of stolen power probably not witnessed since Prometheus stole fire from the Gods.
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    I suspect there might have been a software solution to disable the key. I would love to rearrange my keyboard so I quit typing teh and all the other repeat typos I make. But I'm afraid if I rearranged QWERTY there would be other consequences that would make the change moot.

    I do feel your pain and your joy at finding a satisfying solution. :)
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    Hate erodes the soul of the hater...

    Seems a bit obsessive to me. Look how much effort you have put into maiming and castrating one small oblong of plastic, and all because it has embarrsed and frustrating you simply for doing what it was designed to do! What would you d when faced with something truly malevolent?

    Somewhere there is probably a story here, waiting to be born.
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    Love the Caps lock key. Makes it so much easier when I have to type up information where the client requests all type to be Caps. I GUESS THIS IS A GOOD IF YOU ARE A GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Lol (No I am not yelling....showing the sarcasm of what I do in my job)

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