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    The Hill Challenge

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by MiwAuturu, Jan 11, 2009.

    You must write a story in which you take the hill from the previous owner by any means possible. At the end of said story you must write MY HILL. It is similar to Golden Orb, but here, to win you must write a longer story tghen the previous person.

    I suggest using a character from one of your stories, not just someone new, as it can be a great way to develop their personalities.

    You must post your word count at the ende of your story (word has a word count function).

    If no one can win within ten days the round is over and a new one may begin.

    Don't copy-paste what others have written.

    I'll start.

    One day God was bored, there was nothing going on so he decided to make a contest. He created a hill, a hill that was indestructable. before this hill there was a sign that said "He who can hold thisa mound for ten days shall gain a prize greater then any mortal has ever known. He shall also be know from that day forwards as the champion of Goid himself" I was nearby when god did this act so I decided to be the frirst to try my luck. I climed the hill and claimed it as my own, shouting at the top of my lungs "If any dare challenge me for this hill then step forth, for at this moment this is MY HILL"

    125 words

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