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    The Iron Elves series

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by BallerGamer, May 3, 2012.

    I recently picked up the first book, A Darkness Forged in Fire, at one of those dollar used books stores. It caught my attention just because of the title; to me it sounds corny as hell, but I love that kind of stuff. I certainly didn't expect to finish it so soon though. Not that it's one of the all time great fantasy books, but it provided an interesting Napoleanic era spin to the often used Tolkien formula. It gets a bit boring in the middle but it picks up towards the end with an epic detailed and fleshed out battle that goes in-depth with said Napoleanic era warfare. I've picked up the second book--another corny title, the Light of Burning Shadows, seriously it almost sounds software generated--just yesterday and am already a couple of chapters into it and it's already better than the first. The gripes I had with the first, such as mundane chapters and unnecessary details, looks like they have been fixed in the second although I'll have to get in deeper to make a firm judgment on that.

    I'd figure that not a lot of people have heard of it because it doesn't even have its own wikipedia page (and if you have, sorry, I haven't been roaming this board as much as I did before). Thought I'd give out a shout out to what I think so far is a very solid read that is a bit different than what you would normally read in the fantasy genre.

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