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    The last moments

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Smithy, May 26, 2008.

    At the end of my novel my protagonist, Michael, has just seen his sister get engaged. Now for most of the story his prime motivation was keeping her safe, and his feelings about this are ambiguous. So he leaves the party and goes outside and muses things over, and that's how the story ends.

    Now my question is this: should he be completely alone in this last moment, symbolising the fact that the focus of his life has passed into the care of another? Or should he be joined by Jacob and Silwa, the new friends he made over the course of the story, symbolising the fact that he has found new direction from his life as a result of his experiences? I can't decide which one would be better, looking back to the old or looking forward to the new.
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    I guess so much depends on the tone of the novel overall, the personality of the main character, Michael. Also, what is the theme and the ending message you'd like to send through the symbolism?

    It is very difficult for someone reading a 1 paragraph synopsis and then given two options, to really help in what you're describing as a symbolically pivotal ending scene.

    A little off topic, but maybe another option, which may emphasize either choice...Michael could see the two other characters, Jacob and Silwa, and decide to remain alone or join them as well.

    The suggestion doesn't really help with your choice.

    What I would recommend is that you write both endings, and as you go through the revision process, with both endings in mind, the flow of the story, the small clues and events, may better direct you toward the proper ending...or allow you to minorly manipulate dialogue or events to better prepare the reader.

    Good luck on whatever direction you take.

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    Try writing each version of the ending and chose the one you like best.

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