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    The most beautiful cleaner in the world

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Jerome, Dec 1, 2007.

    Several days ago I found a news on the internet.
    A reporter took a picture of a girl and calls her the most beautiful cleaner.
    Why is she so beautiful that she drew many people’s attention on her?
    According to the reporter the girl is 12-year-old. For the past few months she has been working as a cleaner replacing her mom. Her mom fell ill a few months ago and can’t continue to work. They’ve got no other families; they’ve only got each other. If her mom can’t go to work, it means there will be no income for them. They don’t have much saving so somebody has to support the family.
    The girl made her decision to stop her education and take the place of her mom.
    Nobody noticed her until her story was reported by a reporter. Many people are moved by her kindness, her filial piety and her persistiveness.
    In the past I always complained about many things. Why can’t my boss give me more salary? Why wasn’t I born into a rich family? Why wasn’t I born to be more handsome and stronger? I was not satisfied with almost everything. But when I saw the girl’s picture, I realized I’m not a really pathetic man, at least I have a fine childhood.
    Now I’m still not satisfied with the unfairness of the world. But I think it’s not the god’s will to let us complain about it, but change it in a hopeful manner.
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    It does change your perspective on life reading stuff like this.
    Poor kid.
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    Courageous people show the rest of us that we are merely greedy and foolish.

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