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    THE most intense scene!

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by sweetchaos, Mar 4, 2009.

    I just finished reading a scene in The Dresden Files: Fool Moon and I am blown away. So far the series has been decent, nothing masterful, but pretty entertaining and on my list of favourite series. This just pushed it even further up.


    Around Chapter 17-20, Harry Dresden has to get to an imprisoned werewolf before he transforms under the full moon and use his magic to keep him restrained until he can become human again. Unfortunately, are hero is too late, and the werewolf attacks the entire police station.

    *end of spoiler*

    Right off the bat, I was on the edge of my seat. I was literally yelling at the book! "Why aren't you saying anything?!?!" I've never felt panic like that before just reading a book. It was so instense!! I can't even sleep now because of the adrenaline rush.

    I'm very impressed with the writing and can't wait to read the rest of the series. Hopefully it's as good as that!

    Have you ever read this scene? What as your take on it? Were you as blown away as I was? What about other books/scenes? Have you ever felt so instensely just reading?
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    Oh yeaaaahhhh, I remember that scene. It has been awhile (I have read the entire series thus far). I wouldn’t classify the Dresden Files as great writing but you are right, they are fun. It is a good solid series with decent character development and I will continue to read it. Butcher does have a knack for the action scenes and they don’t always play out the way you expect. Don’t worry, he continues to write good action scenes throughout rest of the series as well. It is also good for some laughs.
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    Intense scenes YES!!

    *Spoiler alert*

    In the book Teach Me by R.A. Nelson, seventeen year old Nine, after trying to kill the man she once loved, completely snaps and is sexual with her best and only friend in her car out of desperation. He finally gets her to stop. She cant control herself, and drives down a flooded street in the storm, her car sinks, and her friend is rescued by her former love but pronounced by the paramedics dead on the scene, later revived at a hospital.

    Thats a great book.


    *spoiler alerts*

    Candy by Kevin Brooks
    Joe has gotten his girlfriend Candy out of the brothel where she was enslaved to Iggy and hide out in his family's cottage while she recovers from heroin withdrawal. Iggy finds out where they are! Joe's fried Mike comes and they hatch a plot, and there's this huge waiting period, so suspenseful. Iggy comes and he's got Gina, Joe's sister and Mike's fiance, hostage at gunpoint and threatens to kill her if Candy doesnt come out. Candy has a gun and kills Iggy.

    Phew! There's a gripper!

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