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    The Muse

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Michelle7, Mar 27, 2013.

    Hi, I'm having a little trouble here. I can get into my writing although it takes me a little while to get into it, sort of like warming myself up to get into that creative frame of mind and then I can write all day and all night if I have to. But, since life does happen the thing is When life happens, I'm not talking bad things here, I mean just every day interruptions, things that call for my attention and interrupt me, or even for example if i set a writing schedule it will take part of my writing time to "warm up" so to speak, then at the end of the session its hard to turn it off. I mean the creative frame of mind. Its hard to get serious again. Then when I do, its hard to get back into the story. Can anyone tell me how to better manage the muse so I can make better use of my time?

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    I used to have weeks before a deadline and I would pick a topic, usually spiritual in nature, and let it spin around and saturate my soul. Then, in a giant gestalt it would spill out onto a page and it would all be over inside an hour. It was a strange way to get things done, no doubt, but it worked. When it didn't come through me in that manner my writing was on the bland side.

    As I've gotten older the ups and downs have leveled off, partly because of the sheer amount of words written since my earlier days. For me, the more I write the easier it is to get back in to the flow. Maybe because I get immersed in my stories and part of me lives there even when I'm busy with other things. When I get back to writing, that part of me is still there ready to go.

    You mentioned it is hard to turn off your creativity. I don't see the need to turn off the creative process completely. I let it be part of me. I need it to be ready when I am. What I'm trying to say is if you try to shove one of the most inspirational parts of yourself in the closet, don't be surprised if they are pissed and noncooperative when you open the door again.
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    About turning your muse on: while you're, say, walking home from school/work or grocery shopping, listen to music you listen to while writing that story, think about the story, the characters (could be something as mundane as "what would my character buy if s/he was here grocery shopping with me?"), you know, anything that puts you in touch with the "spirit" of the story. Surround your writing space with things that inspire the specific mindset you need to write comfortably (e.g. me and KaTrian always draw our protagonists and place the drawings above our computer screen). Little things like that can make a big difference.

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