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    The Overmind Collective

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by redbaron, Mar 25, 2009.

    The Overmind Collective

    Colonising the universe. It’s not the kind of thing one thinks of when they first decide that it’s time to make a difference. Many were content with the freedom of speech, the freedom to develop, and the general world that they had created for themselves. But Apathy, felt like an extremely big fish in a very small pond, and from then on his past was left unchronicled. I would like to bid you welcome....to the city of Dekkol.

    My name is Opowah, one of the Srelbin elders who occasionally pop up every 300 years or so, and the only sacred thing this city has left. I’ve devoured every book worth reading when I can, where I can , and have tried to see every dimension as I sleep through the power of Spestos...( a magical property that only the elders can attain) I find that the culture of English ‘geezers’ and American ‘grandfathers’ and ‘prospectors’ have led me to become quite a unique individual...yet, anyone is amongst these people... this planet of unknown names, is grey and dull, with greeny black skies that plague us so. The populations aren’t dying- far from it- but they have become completely devoid of all hope, devoid of all intelligence...they strive to do nothing more than shuffle along in lines, on bridges and the dirty streets far below, and they have lost all impulses to discover, while their leaders ‘upgrade’ themselves, changing their abilities and appearances. My people, the Srelbin, are in dire need of ‘cheering up’.

    My fear is simply that this could spread. Apathy does not wish to stop here- the meaningless strategies and plans are simply more of a sign of how he hungers to somehow control more...a city is not enough. He wants planets. Universes. Galaxies. Dimensions. Sounds ludicrous...but unfortunately, there is a way.

    The Metaverse portals. They’re scant, but they exist. And fortunately for me, rather than Apathy, I have an inkling of exactly where they could be.

    And it’s all thanks to you.

    If you and your four team-mates hadn’t had crashed on this godforsaken city, I never would have realised that the gravitational pull that brought you here was in fact a clue- these portals must be awakening, hiding somewhere. I’ve read what few books there are left here, and have made sure that I know exactly how to get out of here. Now that I have intelligent beings to help me, we can proceed- and I may have finally found a reason to hope again.

    I think it’s time I just reminded you of who you are- after all, you seemed to have bumped yourself on the head a mite...

    For starters, you’re all apparently from some crazy planet called Sapphire. A very odd name for a planet, if I may say so. You seem to be extremely different from any kind of creature I’ve seen- And unfortunately none of you truly seem like what I would call ‘strapping heroes.’ But apparently you don’t need to be to become the maintenance repair crew of- the Vulcan shuttle, was it not? And the fact that your attire is very....well, equipped, to be fair. I don’t think I’ve seen quite so many plungers. But blatantly all of you are adept in some technological field of work, having devoured your books the minute I spotted them. I shall give you a mirror soon so that you can describe for me exactly how you look...I’m afraid that your looks make words escape me. Now, I’m going to give you all a journal in which to tell me your particulars so that I can really see how this plan is going to work...I’ll just give you the template of how I would like you to introduce yourselves to me. Hardly the best time, I know, but bear with me. I’ve already made some assumptions of your characters, but I’ll let you know what I think just after I give these templates to you. I’ll just count you..good, there are only five of you, as I said. This should be easy then. For now, I’ll label you 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and you write the corresponding number above your profile.
    Job on the crew:
    A short description of yourself:
    Anything you’re burning to tell me?:

    1. So, let’s start with you...So, while the others don’t seem to be giving you the utmost respect I see greatness in you. I don’t think the others appreciate your adept skills from what I’ve read, but feel free to let me know exactly what you do and what you think about this situation...and tell me a little bit more about your past. By the way, I’ve seen you glancing several times at that young female back there... and I don’t blame you! But you mustn’t look so embarrassed all the time, they’ll respect you one day. We all slip up, even Srelbin elders, hehe.
    2.And you...a female, I see. You seem a little too annoyed for my liking- don’t tell me you could be somewhere better, because I honestly cannot begin to tell you how wrong you are. You seem adept though, and keen spirited, which I like. But you’re not telling me enough, miss, and I feel it would be best for me to leave you to it.
    3.You...a keen comedian, it seems, by the way you seem to find my attire extremely hilarious. I like your spirit also, but I have to say that it could get you in danger, you know. But hey, perhaps there’s something you’re not telling me...see, you’ve gone quiet now. Remember, feel free to write down exactly what has been going on in your past for me, I must feed off of this energy to know exactly what I must do myself.
    4.Ah...a cocky one. Leader of this crew eh? You seem pretty smarmy to me. Hardly muscled, but certainly limber, it seems. And you seem a little rash- after all, it’s not usual to bite into a sandwich that according to my sight has been rotting for five days on that table. But at least you left some for me...no need to mock me, and I’ll tell you something else- you’re part of a team, from the looks of it, not a one man show. Perhaps you should remember just who your real friends could be.
    5.Finally...wow, you’re a big bugger aren’t you? Simple...but your eyes tell me something else. Here’s a larger pen to write with, I fear you could snap the other one I produced from my attire. At least you seem happy- it’s always nice to meet someone who seems thrilled to bits by the idea of a new adventure!

    Now it’s time I laid out the city to you. I must stress that for now you will not venture out from my sacred area- to do so would mean direct action from the Overmind. I cannot risk losing a single foreign soul to those five madmen or I will find the universe torn to shreds. In this regards, you five are also my possible curse. But hopefully, if my plan pays off, you will only need to know one route through this city.
    Now, there are five sections guarded by the respective forces- The Blorphen, the Moogog, the Zenock , the raphtor and the Pentrix. In the centre of these five controlled areas there is a pathetic excuse for a ‘city square’, a huge matrix of buildings, networks and tunnels guarded by the overmind collectives best robots. The people here are the last of those with hope and the last who could possibly be saved, but unfortunately the Overmind collective wishes them to remain their unwilling sheep and to monitor reasons why they have not yet succumbed to becoming lost souls. Now, I better explain each sector in detail.

    The BLORPHEN sector is probably the closest thing to wildlife you will get. The Zenock bombings of 034 left the place in ruins, making it look more like an uncovering than a signature of preservation. The museums and galleries that are here are of no interest to the drones and yet they provide me with constant delight. This is the area where we are currently- inside the museum, behind the sacred stature, and this is the only sector of the city where the sacred is protected. Apocolypsies inaction in this area simply means that we are free to roam it- providing that you keep well away from the borderline areas where the rather lazy forces remain active.
    The MOOGOG sector is currently a different story. It is the place that is wholly preserved and a place that I am desperate to get into, for it is the place where the member Paranoia stores the archives for his own pleasure of being able to know that he, and only he, has supreme knowledge that even he keeps hidden from his fellow members. This place is heavily armed and the only possible way I could even begin getting into it is by using a portal. And that’s only because it’s the only method of transport into a sector where we could be blown to smithereens that I can think of.
    The ZENOCK sector is controlled by conspiracy, and that place is a living machine. The buildings in the area are all weapons factories, dealing out weapons for no actual purpose. It’s hardly to our advantage however- the area is also held tightly, rumoured to be on the orders of Conspiracy himself.
    The RAPHTOR sector is the the sector owned by Insanity. Imagine a hospital where a virus has been let loose, a virus that drives all the patients mad, imagine a scene of a building being guarded by it’s inmates, with many of them straying around the sector looking for victims, and huge fences with police standing guard all around. It’s a pretty scary scene, fit for the image of Insanity himself.
    And finally we have the PENTRIX sector, where lord Apathy maintains an extremely hard rule over what he deems ‘a small suburban town’. I have never dared try to foresee its appearance, for I fear that it will never be freed.

    Still interested about the Overmind themselves? It’s time I told you exactly who they were, and exactly who else you’ll have to deal with. I’ve already brushed shoulders with some...

    The ruler of this godforsaken city is possibly the most twisted individual I have ever known or heard of. My 300 year span has led me to try and discover many answers, such as just why he and his friends were able to survive for so long, ordinary beings who simply attempted to colonise one planet, after apparently rocketing from a planet far away? The only answers’ I ever received were those to questions I did not ask- that he is an individual who gets crueller towards his people every single decade. All I know truly of his meaningless plans and scribbles that I hear of is that he wishes to find the metaverse portals- for what reason, I can only dread, for I fear that it may be more than a simple colonisation.

    Paranoia was a kindly man before being made a powerful Overlord of the legacy. His personality transferred despite his intellect, and he would draw up charts and maps and devices- I was even lucky enough to know such a man as the first decade of my incarnation began. But he was always distrusting of the other members of the Legacy, for fear that they would use his idea ˜The wrong way' or claim it was theirs. Since these initial thoughts he has locked himself away in his room, drawing the ultimate plan. And sooner or later, his colleagues will want to know what the secret is.

    Conspiracy was the first to go into the outside world. His brutish power and frame allowed him to intimidate others and stir up fights. I managed to at least attempt to reason with him, but his upgrades have made him...avoidable, at best. Truly a man drunk on power. I secretly believe that he is the one who must be put out of action first...but it would probably be unwise.

    ˜Judgment day is nigh.' The same words over and over, all plans must fit his view of being able to quickly be used before they are all destroyed. He managed to persuade Apathy to give him full control over propaganda, which he misuses to show heart-rending images of death and destruction in order to shock the city. Now, he has plans for escape. His daughter Yurick, a genetic experiment, despises his fortunes. Apocalypsy has also dangerously been quoted as ˜Wanting to bring doomsday himself if it does not arrive¦'. It is this that worries me, despite the fact that he clearly deems my actions and self as sacred.

    Obviously the insane one, Insanity was given the worst of the defects. He sees images of death all around him and often scares others into doing his bidding. He is easily manipulated by Conspiracy, who not only relates to him but knows his weaknesses. Insanities mechanical body is folded into his prison, so that he cannot escape unless Apathy commands so. The only reason he is alive is because, in his random fits, he often spouts something worth noting.

    Daughter of Apocalypsy, born in a terrible experiment of Apocalypses on a young civilian. Yurick grew to be a powerful woman with ruby red lips and a terrible power. She wears her father's robes while in public, but on missions she does away with them for her own battle gear. Yurick is crazy but always has her minions to do her wish-however twisted it may be.

    Once an ordinary kid, he was kidnapped by one other Overrule probes and kept in a lab for ten years. When he emerged, he had become Apathies greatest soldier- a strong but silent weapon devoted to the legacy and Yurick. Rumor has it he has been grafted with a vast intelligence as much as the others.

    And finally, the only other person who has come to the city only to travel onwards..a dangerous individual known as Reevus, a reptilian space pirate (who appears to enjoy traditional pirate garbs) has, to my knowledge, agreed to work with the Overmind collective themselves.

    The aim of my plan...to visit the outside, to find the first portal based on the impulse I felt when your ship landed here. And who knows, we must keep ourselves abreast of what happens in this city...for we may well be forced to return here several times.

    1. You can shape your characters to your liking, but keep the points Opowah has mentioned in mind. They will start off your characters relations and could even find themselves switching as the story goes on.
    2. I will accompany you as Opowah in the city but not in the metaverse worlds. In order to traverse those you must find that portal with Opowahs help. Once you do this I will then take on the guise of Doctor Zwick, who you have yet to meet.
    3. This is a new system of dimensions that you shall be experiencing- therefore you will have to check my Blog to truly catch up, while out of character, what you must expect in the particular world. The story will come from these elements as well as the set plot points that will be reached. Remember, the fun is not reaching the point- it’s how you get there.
    4. You will probably not meet many small amounts of enemies in your adventure, but you will come up against a large amount of much more imposing enemies. The game is about sneaking, adventure, traversing wide open spaces and cramped city areas while finding yourselves as people in this new world.
    5. Obvious rules such as no god-modding, no flaming, and having fun. Those who disobey these will find themselves being flung into a gaping maw.
    6. Try and come up with some interesting plot elements- perhaps you have spied a member of the Overmind suddenly traversing the grounds?
    7. Please help me keep this thread active so that we can create an interesting and fun adventure.
    8. You can use items that you come across to help further our plan to at first escape from the city, but please don’t just create a ludicrously powerful object and end the game or something similar. Try and come up with something indigenous to the area that would make for yet more interesting plans and capers.
    9. Enjoy being part of a future crack team of metaverse saving spies(essentially). You talented people have earned it.

    I shall keep a journal chronicling the back-story and history of the city and it’s connecting worlds as we venture forth. The will be posted on my blog and will hopefully help also push plot along. It’s integral that those involved in the story must read these- my first will be up by Saturday.
    We’ll also come across characters as we go along with may become open to others to control, bt for now we’re keeping to five people.
    The objective so far-
    To have a scout of the area
    To begin plans for escaping the city
    Finally, Pm me if you need anything cleared up.
    I hope you enjoy this, as I’ve tried to come up with a way of keeping people interested​

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