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    The Pleasure is Mine

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by manquaman, Feb 4, 2010.

    Hello to anybody reading this.

    I thought it might be better to write this in case anyone who I eventually run into wonders who I think I am. Well, like you, I think I am a writer. It's not official yet, but I have to think that it's only a matter of time before my name appears on the cover of a book.

    I have been practicing this trade for a long time. I have learned my process, and my voice is getting better and better. I wrote a few screenplays when I lived in San Francisco - even had an opportunity to put one in front of Paul Zaentz (that's Saul's nephew). Nothing panned out though. I wasn't ready.

    Now I'm on my second novel. The first was a really creative and fresh look at modern spirituality through the vision of the past. And because this effort, which took me seven years to write, in between working a full time job and dealing with divorce and separation from my son, did not garner the attention that I thought it would, I know I am still not ready.

    I'm not a young person anymore which gives me all the more reason to work even harder. I was a writer ever since the fourth grade, I just didn't know it. All the little stories and situations I set up were only for fun. It wasn't until I was sitting on a beach in Hawaii, wondering what in the *ell I was going to do with my life did I rembember that I was a writer. All the pathetic poetry I had already written, along with the sh*te I was currently pouring out told me that I would never be a poet, but I finally started to believe that maybe I could make a living doing something I really enjoyed doing.

    It is important to me to tell anyone who reads any of my words - especially me critiques of stuff you write, is that I don't know what I am talking about. Like any writer eventually finds out, the only thing that matters in your writing is what you really care about. The reason why I will read and critique anyone else's writing is because I care about the world of writing. Who knows, maybe you and I might hit it off and one or both of us will become established. I'm sure you have read all about authors who have done that.

    I would never assume that I could really tell you how to write, but I will tell you how your writing struck me - as one person who loves good writing. I will tell you how I think your writing could be more clear, or execute better what I thought you were trying to say. We've all watched movies by established artists and read books by professionals who make money doing this, and we tell ourselves, "Shoot, that could have been better if..."

    I don't want anyone to stop writing. I'm just a confident person because that is half the battle as far as I am concerned. So please take my writing, especially any reviews, with a grain of salt. I'm hoping that people are hard and honest with me. One person's opinion isn't going to make me stop writing. I know I'll never please everyone anyway. But I have learned that I can find really useful information in the strangest places. So please just remember that I only want to help.

    This isn't my first time on a site like this. I come back to this every once in a while for a sense of perspective. After all, a writer writes, right? I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay at home now and write full time. I'm always around if anyone wants to talk.

    I'm really looking forward to lurking around and dipping into some of the writing around here. I especially like the exercises to write in challenges and contests. I think I am finding out that some of my best writing comes right off the cuff, so to speak (pardon the cliche). But enough from me.

    Thank you for being here and good luck to all in your endeavors.
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    Great to have you around. You sound very experienced with the trials and tribibulations of being a writer. I am sure I could benefit from your input!
    Gigi Meyer
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    Welcome! :D

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