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    The Plot of a Utopian Society Novel

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by RurouniGriffin, Feb 21, 2009.

    Hello, all!

    Since few of you know me yet, I'll include a brief bit about myself and my novel to give a more complete picture....I do realize this is NOT the introductions forum, and so I will be brief. Please bear with me.

    I have been writing for about ten years, and of those years, 5 of them have been spent writing only for school projects, and 5 have been spent developing my fantasy writings.

    That being said, this is the first novel I've ever tried to write, and I'm a little nervous.

    The plot is that a group of people, (see my post in Character Development), form a society in which they feel they can create perfection. In order to hide from the world, and aid in their quest, they each have magical powers, or talents. Below is a brief outline of what I think will be an engaging storyline for them. Please Critique, and remember, I'm pretty new to this, so be gentle.

    Part One: Introductions
    Introduce the Gifts
    Introduce the Characters
    Group formation through the years
    Quest for better things
    Picking of friends

    Part Two: Getting Started
    Finding a Place
    Good Bye Cruel World
    Formation of Rule

    Part Three: Begin the Game
    First test of rule
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    First of all, this part of the site does not permit posting for critique. Please read the site rules.

    Second, a plot outline cannot be critiqued. It is only a concept. Critique applies to how an idea is expressed.
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