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    The 'Post New Thread Button' is Down there?!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Stormburn, Mar 28, 2017.

    Well, after taking several minutes to find the 'post new thread' button, I have shown that I'm not much of a puzzle person. And, by typing these few words, have shown I'm not much of a writer either.
    But, if a journey begins with a single step, then, often that single step starts with a kick to the ass.
    So, here we go.
    Manfred Mann's Earth Band is rocking in my head phones:
    "A golden helmet...blinded minds..Among ten thousand swords...Along the road to Babylon"
    I started writing about three or so years ago. I was working as a contractor in Afghanistan and more as therapy than a real hobby.
    "There's no easy way to go... Well, well, well...No easy road to follow...Well, well, well"
    I discovered I really enjoy writing. Who would have thought it? Meeting a new person and discovering that person is yourself.
    We have been hanging out ever since and hope to be hanging out with you in these forums.
    Godspeed All!

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