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    The Rage of a Druid/Warlock

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by DarkPen14, May 21, 2019.

    So, I've got a demigod from almost 1500 years ago. Her mother is Morrigan, the Celtic Goddess of War and Fate. Being from where will become Ireland in the future, she became a bandrui, which is a term for a female druid. And then later pulls warlock and makes a deal with her mother for the power to protect her forest when Rome decided to come by and start slaughtering druids. So she is now a nature wizard who channels the power of a deity, and is also half deity. Her contract with mama manifests as her raven familiar, Fiachra. So Macha, the druid/warlock/demigod, does her magic stuff and successfully protects her forest. Except that Rome has its own spellcasters (This is kinda an alternate history where magic and monsters exist in the untamed areas of the world. Creationist hand-waving as to how humans aren't extinct. The only thing that really changes is the map.)

    Well, Roman spellcasters can't exactly handle a druid channeling the power and a half of a god, but they do manage to imprison her in a crystal. So Macha is locked in a crystal for a while. She's kept alive because magic, the crystal was a prison, not an execution, and she's a life wizard... thing. So, sciency magicky stuff happens, she goes into a state of magic hibernation that keeps her from aging, and a thousand and a half years later, the crystal shatters. Now, you can't be in basically a coma for the rise and falls of empires with no physical consequences. Muscular atrophy, memory loss, and culture shock hit her like a ton of bricks.

    Well, her home forest has been destroyed by the mage who imprisoned her after she was crystallized, and because magic, homeboy ain't dead. She eventually recovers her memory and finds said mage. How would you describe the unbridled rage of a druid channeling the power of the Goddess of War and Fate?
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    How badly does she want this one to hurt? Is she aware of the consequences of pulling this off? While you are at it, check out the first chapters of Madame Xanadu (2008-2011) and her role in the Fall of Camelot. I find the current situation kinda similar.
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    Yikes, I envision a skull coming from where her head should be, the eyes glow red and the mouth spouts fire.

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