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    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Romanticism Fan, Mar 26, 2011.

    He works tirelessly at his small business. It brings him great satisfaction to do productive work. Anything that contributes to his business he considers doing it. Even his hobbies seem to be somehow related to being a better business owner. Flying RC airplanes may seem to have nothing in common with electrical contracting but his friend Bill Birmingham got him started in the hobby and he is an electrical contractor. Plus flying a small plane requires fast reflexes and sound judgment, a couple of skill sets we could all use. He wakes up on a typical morning at around 5:30AM to decaf coffee and homemade granola cereal. He likes to check his email first thing also "Because you never know when a customer is trying to get in touch with you" he says. While showering he enjoys listening to Aristotilean philosophical lectures from such greats as John Allison, William Thomas and Ayn Rand. These philosophers remind him to stay in touch with reality, use reason, be an independent thinker, be productive, be honest (quite hard), have integrity (harder), be just and fair, have pride, self-esteem and teamwork.
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    This guy sounds like a tool. Listening to philosophical lectures in the shower is clearly the sort of manufactured habit a person would only indulge because he thinks it'll make him seem eccentric and intelligent. How might such a private activity come up in conversation? Don't worry: a guy like this will find a way. Plus he seems to care way too much about his boring-ass job (though to be fair, I think most jobs are boring-ass). Also, how does one "have teamwork"? This man's mind has obviously been gelatinized by wishy-washy corporate-speak. I fear that soon his grasp of grammar and syntax will degrade completely, and he will only be able to communicate by stringing together terms like "Bottom line! Paradigm shift! HAWAIIAN SHIRT FRIDAYS!"

    So yeah, I think I know what OP is saying. The dude he's describing is some jackass who friended him on Facebook awhile ago for no apparent reason. OP would like to delete him because he's sick of seeing his inane, self-aggrandizing status updates and links to Bon Jovi videos on Youtube (Bon Jovi was mentioned, right? I'm pretty sure he was.) However, OP has reservations since the guy seems to know his way around a 401k or whatever it is people like that are into, and so OP fears he would be cheating himself out of a potentially valuable resource from his network.

    My advice to OP is to kick that d-bag to the curb. You can find Bon Jovi videos on your own.

    ...plus he probably, er, satisfies himself with Lancomb because he honestly believes the ladies go just absolutely gaga over a silky-smooth lovehammer. Nevermind the fact that he hasn't talked to a lady outside of work since college.

    In conclusion, you need to friend this Bill Birmingham character pronto. He sounds like a real go-getter.

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