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    The NetherWorld

    The Shadows of Commoragh

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Raven, Jan 11, 2008.

    I will double post in order to create enough room if I ever need to post a large lot of information that is important. [I will do this in the first posts of this thread so everybody can easily look back upon it.]

    The following is essential for the roleplay:

    Classes for each unit type:
    Wych: Barbarian or Monk
    Warrior: Ranger or fighter
    Haemonculi: Cleric or Druid
    Psycher: Sorcerer or wizard
    Mandrake: Rogue or Ranger
    Incubi: Paladin, fighter or Blackguard

    Unit type templates:
    Wych: +2 Dex, -2 Con, and Low-Light Vision
    Warrior: +2 Dex, -2 Con, and Low-Light Vision
    Haemonculi: +2 con -2 dex poison use Low Light Vision
    Psycher: 2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int/Cha Low Light Vision
    Mandrake: -2 cha +2 dex +4 to hide +2 to move silently darkvision [90 feet] Low light vision
    Incubi: Bonus feat , 4 additional skill points first level , 1 additional skill point each level

    How to create your character:
    -Start at level 3
    -Gold as appropiate in the DMG [2.700 gp]
    -Max item cost is half your gold
    -I will most likely give everyone something small ingame quickly after we start which perhaps might not be a classified magic item in the DMG for fun purposes which suits your class level.

    Side note: Seeing as most classes start with skill pts modifiers I will make it up by giving you guys one additional feat to start with:

    Warrior: Weapon focus
    Haemonculi: Corpsecrafter [Undead gain +4 str, 2 hp per hit dice]
    Psycher: Metamagic feat
    Mandrake: Improved initiative
    Incubi: Power Attack
    Monk: Additional feat of your choice

    30 pts buy system as noted in DMG page 170

    Posting guidelines:
    Text which you say should be marked with bold. Like this
    Thoughts which you think should be marked italics Like this
    OOC [Out Of Character] questions should be noted first with OOC: And the text should be made blue Ooc: Like this

    -Try to roleplay the best of your abilities, if you are inexperienced then don't worry as we all started one day. Try to write what your character thinks, feels, says the gestures he makes and the surroundings as he sees them. You could ''write'' your posts similiar like a story. The red is a roleplay example.

    Caldir looks at Dany's with sorrowfull eyes and softly shakes his head. It seems that the death of the stranger affects him somehow.

    ,,It is no use, we are to late. He died due to his bloodloss. I don't think that it has taken long before he died though, I just hope it ended his life quick, to be swallowed by. .this''

    His voice seems to drift off. Still supporting the head of the stranger he closes his eyes with his other hand and murmers a prayer in a strange language.

    ,,Moge Pelor over je ziel waken.''

    He picks up the whole body, and carefully lets himself slide from the back of the spider with it. The rough surface from the hair causes some minor scratchwounds while he glides but he doesn't seem to care about it. The man doesn't has any feet left thus 2 kneecaps drenched with blood are flipped over one of his arms.

    ,,We need to bury him.'' Caldir says while looking at the others. He lays the corpse on the ground and studies it, to see if it has anything usefull which might help them to get out of this place. He takes the waterskin and puts it next to his sword.

    Knowing they don't have much time he makes a shallow grave on the island. Even though monsters would certainly feast upon the body it would have been buried with the proper litanies. Holding his holy icon above the stranger Caldir mumbles and prays to Pelor for its soul to have a safe passage. He then proceeds to clean his clothes which are covered with blood and stains. He looks at the others and puts up a faint smile.

    ,,Well seems like there goes another one of my shirts.''

    Even though it was meant as a joke its tone contains some sorrow. Caldir's mood which had been so good in the morning has now been flipped to the other side.

    Cleaning the waterskin of the stranger he tries to see if there is anything left in it, a note or something else. If not then he will try to see if its poisoned, even so he doesn't fill it yet as he wants to make sure that it is not poisoned by casting a spell the next day. The last thing he wants is someone being poisoned by drinking out of the waterskin.

    Caldir sits for a moment, quietly looking at the improvised grave.

    Its all I could do he tells himself. Even so the cleric seems affected by the death of a person.

    He gives a kick to his bag and his drawing materials fall out, he picks up a piece of paper and a pen and looks at the grave. Pausing a few moments he draws a cloaked skeleton figure with a scythe, and next to it writing the following text.

    The messenger

    He moves, like a shadow through the night.
    Collecting souls, of those who gave up the fight.
    Shrouded, in dark robes, swinging with his huge scythe.
    Striking down upon the old and weak, taking away their light.

    An angel of decay, killing in His name.
    His sinister appearance and reputation spreads fear, giving him even more fame.
    They know his name, they fear him, as he will come to collect their souls.
    Draining their life, leaving empty bodies behind, like lifeless dolls.

    Fear him, hail him, he’s known as the Grim Reaper.
    The slayer, collector of souls and as the keeper.
    He’s a messenger, created by Him.
    You’ll meet him to, when your own light starts to dim.

    He looks towards the rest of the party, and realises that they need to move on. He cuts of a spider leg and makes a cross out of it, sticking the poem on top of it so everybody is able to read it. He equips his gear, not saying a word untill he is done. Walking silently towards the group he looks up and puts up another faint smile.

    ,,Shall we go then?''
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    *Gasp* I hope that Commoragh your speaking of isn't a refuge for the Dark Eldar!
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