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    The Volunteers - Plot Help

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by AJ Winters, Apr 20, 2012.

    So, I have this piece in progress, see...

    A week since the murder of his wife, Ben Johnson is slowly adjusting to life with his daughter, Hailey, but when both are targeted by a group of people possessing inhuman abilities (the Volunteers), he begins to question what his wife’s real occupation was.
    So, to spoil everything – Sara White (wife) was a molecular biologist, but she worked under an alias. The drug/antibiotic she created was designed to work on both physical and mental ailments. However, the group of people who secretly volunteered (all with different injuries/ailments) to undergo the experimental drug have had their symptoms reversed (e.g. 'brittle bone' -/ enhanced strength) and they are out or revenge. An antidote was made for such a scenario and Volunteers want it (to destroy so that it can never be used against them), but cannot find or identify it. Enter Ben and Hailey - the Volunteers believe that they have, or know where the antidote is.

    THAT's where I'm getting stuck. I need my antagonists to have a believable and non-cliched motive for wanting to destroy the antidote etc.
    I've outlined the characters below and have a bold help! where I am having trouble with motives etc.

    Gospol Salone ( sort-of leader - would get the others to join him by promising them their vengeance)
    - had 'brittle bone'
    - was a US senator who was laughed at because of his condition (would never be allowed to run for President etc)
    - experiment result: enhanced strength
    - motive: help!
    Markus Aeron
    - had hypochondria
    - was sort of a 'lost soul' with nothing/no one (Gospol sort of becomes his father figure)
    - experiment result: induce pains and symptoms in others
    - motive: follows wherever Gospol goes
    Vorgan Pryde
    - was paraplegic
    - a normal, everyday guy who was about to get married (to volunteer, Gracelyn)
    - experiment result: teleportation
    - motive: avenge his fiancee, Gracelyn, who died in the experiment
    Charity West
    - had leprosy
    - shunned by family and society (including her own sister, who plays a major part in the story)
    - motive: get back at everyone who shunned her help!
    Wade Karra
    - had been electrocuted
    - young, iditioc, arrogant... you get the picture
    - experiment result: control of electricity
    - motive: Gospol promised him riches, power etc
    Jason Espy
    - did not volunteer (was dead at the time, thanks to a gunshot from Gospol... long story)
    - is actually a 'good guy' (he breaks away from the volunteers to help Ben and Hailey)
    - experiment result: cannot die
    - motive (why he wants to stop Gospol): first. Gospol shot him, and yeah... help!
    Jonathon Mrez (he underwent the experiment secretly and is the surprise antagonist...)
    - limbs stil riddled with shrapnel from war (don't know which one yet)
    - elderly gentleman, worked with Sara White
    - experiment result: control over metal
    - motive: help!

    A lot of information, I know, but it'll save you the trouble of asking lots of questions, no?

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    From a practical stand point no one would likely want revenge for being made better. They may go after a drug that would undo the original treatment if they thought it would be used against them by a unscrupulousness company or person. Not some guy and his daughter. Beyond the practical though there are emotional motives. Against God, nature, creating monsters, danger to humanity, etc, etc. If people get into their heads there's something wrong with them and they have someone to blame, logic and common sense go out the door.
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    where the mind is without fear...
    Before going any further the question you should ask is-- why would anyone want to use the 'antidote' on the volunteers? Do the volunteers have a chance of becoming, say, flesh eating zombies, after a certain period of time? Answer to that will give many new motives for the characters you mentioned above.
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    Are the Volunteers out in the open with their powers or keep it low key? If they keep it low key, maybe the antidote allows them to have a on/off switch to their powers. If I had superhuman strength, I would like an off switch. I might accidently rip open my car door. More importantly, if the world knew I had powers, you know people would try to dissect me. You get where I'm trying to go with this?

    Off the subject

    You sure that's enough time?
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    Gospol Salone
    Motive is money and power. Imagine if he takes the drug AND antidote and pawns them off on the public as his own creations. He would have all the money and influence needed to become the President.

    Markus Aeron
    Loyalty. He is a good soldier.

    Vorgan Pryde
    Maybe the teleportation leaves him feeling "less whole" every time.

    Charity West
    Just needs a hug

    Wade Karra
    He wants money.

    Jason Espy
    Not dying could suck. Maybe he does not like the idea of watching everyone he cares about wither and die.

    Jonathon Mrez
    - Make him an old man who wants to show everyone that he isn't a burden. He can still fight for America. Hoorah. Maybe he is demented (from age, not the drug) and the others just convinced him he is a hero fighting evil terrorists.
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    Does everyone need a motive? Or maybe their motive is necessity... like they are just following this guy because they want to hang around with a group of people just like themselves. Maybe their motive is they have no where else to go... maybe they are running away from society and these people took this guy in because he was "one of them".

    But with someone like Gospol... it seems like he's the type of guy that was considered weak but now with his superpowers he can show everyone how strong he is.

    Another thing to consider... I'm feeling a real strong X-men vibe (nothing wrong with that). And I remember one of the strong themes from the movies was that Magneto's philosophy was that non-mutants were threatened by the mutants and in the 3rd movie of that trilogy created an antidote. And he was kind of like "well, we aren't a problem to be fixed, we're fine the way we are". I wonder if one of your characters can't have that same philosophy where they think (or are led to believe by Gospol) that the antidote will be used against them and so they have to "stop it from getting into the wrong hands".

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