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    Third Earth -Profiles-

    Discussion in 'Third Earth' started by Raven, Feb 26, 2009.

    This thread is for character profiles regarding Third Earth.

    Anyone who wishes to Join Third Earth must post their character profile here first. Also when you create a character you start of as a basic character as in you are not a captain or legendary warrior. You are who you are and the skills you have aquired are through training or surviving. You have not fought in any great battles or earned a reputation for your skills. As the persistance goes on your characters stats will build up.

    Character profiles


    Sex (Male/Female)


    Realm (You Must specify the realm in which your character has come from.)




    History (Only a brief history of your character)


    Weakness (You Must Have At least One)

    Weaponry (Max Three)

    Armour (None, Flak, As the game goes on and the mor reputation and cash your characters earn then you'll be able to add better armour like Chainmail, Armour plate.)

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