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    Third Earth. The Fall Of A King.

    Discussion in 'Third Earth' started by Raven, Jan 18, 2009.

    Third Earth
    The Fall Of A King



    The courtyard was wide and long and in the corner carriages of hay lay slanted without a horse .A t the helm workers with large pick forks moved the hay from the carriages and carried it in blocks to the stables for the horses. The yard floor was covered in strands of straw outside the side doors into the many stables that houses the horses. Guards stood on the battlements watching out ahead some stood on the tall towers that overlooked the whole yard and out at the long and winding road that ran into the green fields that ran for as far as a man’s sight could carry.

    Dogs barked at the chickens that fluttered about in their pens stirring them into frenzy while the workers removed the eggs laid. The yard was a busy place with smaller children running playing games and others coming and going through the large gate that stood tall open and leading onto the long road.

    Captain Tiberius watched from the tall tower on the left side of the castle wall at the long fields the sun in his face and the blue sky brightly above he felt the warmth of the day ahead on his flesh. He stood watching a loner racing ahead on a white horse the rider looked to be one of the warriors of a patrol that often patrolled the border. Tiberius thought it strange the rider was alone, and from the look of him he seemed to be in drastic hurry in his approach.

    “Captain is it me or does that rider look injured.” Corwin the sergeant at arms asked.

    Tiberius studied the rider’s pattern as he approached and turned to the bold headed sergeant.

    “Looks to be doesn’t it.” Tiberius said.


    The guards at the door dropped their spears to the ground with a clang to rush to the aid of the warrior who approached and fell from his horse with a thud across the stone floor. Tiberius rushed past them and dropped to one knee to help the warrior. Tiberius noticed the large gash across his face from the dripping blood that spattered down to the path. He turned the warrior over and removed his helmet placing it to the floor. The warriors body was limp as he panted for breath his eyes rolled and blood spilled from his nose.

    “Who did this to you lad.” Tiberius asked.

    A small gathering of a crowd emerged at the gate looking upon the fallen man curious to see for themselves who he was. The guards bent down next to Tiberius looking upon the injured soldier.

    “We didn’t s, see them until it w was too l late.” The warrior said through a whisper.

    Tiberius looked to the guards.

    “Get those people back and have the surgeon prepare a bed.”

    “Sir.” One of the guards said reclaiming his spear and entering back into the castle.

    The other three guards also reclaimed their long spears and began dispersing the gathering on seers. The crowd grumbled at been forced back but knew better than to argue with the guards.

    Tiberius clutched the warrior closer.

    “Who lad who do you speak of.”

    The man still limp looked up at Tiberius’s leathered face blood dripping from his mouth and now lacing his hair in red.

    “Warriors o of R Rogarth and The Dark Lord.” The man almost blacked out as he coughed up more blood that trickled down his face.

    “Rogarth you say.”

    “I I rode all day. It was a massacre they stormed the bastions of Featherhead and crushed the defence. I it w was too l late for u us.” The man coughed again spitting more blood this time it spread across his chainmail chest.

    “Vorticodian warriors charged the battlements followed by the masses of the Dark Elves.”

    Tiberius suddenly felt un easy with a queasy feeling running from his stomach to his throat creating a lump like feeling .

    “How many of them were they lad.”

    “L listen there w were a scouting force. At least five thousand strong.”

    “A scouting force. For what?”

    “before we fell We caught glimpse of the Dark lord Argamoth. They were a head an Invasion. Ninty thousand strong at least.”

    Tiberius tweaked his lip in a curled looking around him at the crowd been dispersed.

    “An invasion you say to were?”

    “Here Kromoriah. They s spared me to give word of their coming. They want the throne they are here for genocide. The lord told me himself. He is here to take Kromoriah.” The man suddenly coughed one last spout of blood then faded into Death.

    Tiberius laid his body softly on the ground and watched as the surgeon arrived followed by Lord Seth.

    “Put your tools away healer. He’s already gone.” Tinerius said wiping the blood from his hands.

    “What happened.” Asked lord Seth.

    “The Invasion has started my Lord.” Tiberius simply said.

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