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    Third Earth -The Raven's Tavern-

    Discussion in 'Third Earth' started by Raven, Feb 21, 2009.

    Welcome to

    Raven's Tavern.

    There's a place called "Raven's Tavern," it exists on the planet Third Earth housed on Old Crowes Dock over looking the Indigosious Sea. People go to share their tales or relax and discuss the adventures had and to be had It is a place to share a friendly drink with others of their calling. But the first drink is always paid for with a story... Or the beginning of an adventure.

    The landlords Name is Finian Wenslon.

    All posts in this thread must be in character this thread is not for out of character discussion.

    The Raven's Tavern is an attachment of Third Earth for character interaction and planning.

    The Tavern is a place for your characters from third Earth to mingle and chat in character. you may get drunk or discuss adventures or even the news which will be posted on a regular basis. The Tavern is also the place where the adventure starts as in who will go on an adventure.

    Its a bar for your Third Earth characters.

    The Tavern is on Old Crowes Dock looking at the sea from Blackthorne.

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